Mittens the Cat Still Missing from Princeton

Mittens the cat has been missing for almost two weeks from the Littlebrook area of Princeton. Mittens is an indoor and outdoor cat. His owners say heis not one to miss any meals is on the heavy side. He likes to prowl the stream that runs between Gulick Road and Poe Road. If you have seen Mittens or have any information on his location, email

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  1. Two weeks probably seems a long time. But don’t give up hope. One of my parents’ cats left and never returned. A few weeks later, their other cat left when a dog visited for a few days. A full six months later, the second departed cat was back, as if nothing ever happened (well, perhaps a bit skinnier, so something likely did.) As you might imagine, we were all shocked. Perhaps the other will show up. Or maybe someone was nice to him, upgraded his snacks, and he found a new home and got even fatter. You never know.

    Live your life, enjoy the good memories of Mittens, and if things go your way, you may see him again one day and make some more.

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