Mercer County Sheriff’s Office Welcomes a New K-9

Flash and RestucicaThe latest rookie officer at the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office is two and a half feet tall, weighs 100 pounds, has big ears, and will do just about anything for a Vienna sausage snack.

His name is Flash, and he is a 15-month-old bloodhound, donated to the department by a York, Pa. family that wanted a better life for the dog. Flash works with veteran Det. Michael Restuccia. The pair just graduated from the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Bloodhound Academy after three months of daily training.

Bloodhounds have an extraordinary sense of smell. Their noses have more scent receptors than the standard dog. Flash will be a “tracker” for the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office. His specialty is pursuing the scent of lost or missing persons, criminals and fugitives. Flash will also serve as a goodwill ambassador, attending community events and visiting local schools.

Flash will live in the home of Restuccia and his family, along with retired K-9 Matilda, and a dachshund named Stella.

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