Memorial Bench Honoring EMT Not Stolen (Updated)

This bench to honor the memory of EMT Michael Kenwood was stolen this week.

The Princeton Police Department issued a blotter item today reporting that a bench that was installed in the Greenway Meadows Park to honor the memory of a Princeton EMT who died while on duty was stolen.

It turns out the bench was not stolen. The Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad removed the bench to have it cleaned. The police department was not informed and thus residents and officials assumed the bench had been stolen. The squad is going to place a sign at the site to inform people that the bench is out being cleaned.

The bench was installed on a hill overlooking the park a year after EMT Michael Kenwood died. Kenwood lost his life after attempting a rescue during Hurricane Irene. The bench was purchased by the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad for about $1,500. The park is located just off Rosedale Road.


  1. Thank you for the concern, the bench was taken back to the rescue squad for its yearly cleaning. A sign is getting put up so that any visitors are aware that is where it is.

    Thank you!
    Matthew Stiff
    Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad

    1. Matthew, the police department issued a report today in the blotter saying it was stolen. Someone from PFARS should contact them to inform them that it is just being cleaned.

      1. Thanks Krystal, we already have contacted the police department so that they are aware.

        1. Great. Relief to know it was not stolen. Tough to think someone would sink that low. Thanks for the update.

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