Town of Princeton Launches New Website on Neighborhood Zoning

Harirs Road developmentThe municipality of Princeton has hired a consultant and created a new website on zoning related to residential neighborhoods.

At the website, residents can provide comments about zoning issues and follow the progress the town is making changing zoning regulations.

Residents have expressed concerns over the last few years about residential development, teardowns, McMansions, historic preservation, housing affordability, the conversion of residential units to nonprofit and commercial uses, the cleanliness of downtown streets, and the uptick in vacancies in the central business district.

Republican Mayoral candidate Peter Marks and Anne Neumann, who ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the Princeton Council in the Democratic primary, both made affordability and preserving the quality of Princeton neighborhoods a cornerstone of their campaigns.

The new municipal initiative, led by members of Princeton Council and the Princeton Planning Board, and the consultants from the RBA Group, is to create strategies, policies, guidelines and regulations that will shape future development to fit with the character of Princeton’s residential neighborhoods
and streets.

“Communicating with and involving residents and other stakeholders is a critical part of the process. The website will be one of the primary ways to share information with the public,” Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert said in a press release about the website.

The website will feature research on efforts in other communities to preserve neighborhood character, frequently asked questions, and contact information for asking questions and sending comments related to the initiative.

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  1. I commented on this issue in connection with the most recent battlefield article. (See below; not a total non sequitur.)

    But, let me add that, in addition to potentially seeing the value of my property diminished – due to some jealous busybodies – it’s annoying as heck to be required to fund a study of the issue. (Gladys Kravitz, move over!)

    A double whammy – being forced to pay an “expert” to come up with a justification to take my property.


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