Op-Ed: Bike Plan Makes Princeton Safer and Less Congested

Having reviewed the recently released draft plan of the bicycle network, the members of the Princeton Bicycle Advisory Committee urge the master plan subcommittee of the Princeton Planning Board to support the proposed bicycle master plan for the town. We endorse the intention of the plan, which is to “create a bicycle network that is continuous, connected, convenient, complete, and comfortable for cyclists of all ages and abilities.”

The proposed plan is measured, comprehensive and respectful of the needs and concerns of all Princeton residents. It is designed to be implemented incrementally over time. When this plan is implemented, Princeton streets will be safer and less congested for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. In keeping with our community values of equity and social justice, the plan takes into account the needs of residents who rely on bicycling as a primary form of transportation.

As members of the planning board deliberate, we ask that they keep in mind the fact that making biking safer and easier, as this plan outlines, would be a tremendous benefit for our community, especially our children and grandchildren. The plan they have been given is a solid start and would be a huge step forward for Princeton. We trust that our decision-makers will embrace this opportunity.

Janet Heroux, Chair
Laurie Harmon, Vice Chair
Dan Rappoport
Lisa Serieyssol
David Cohen
Nat Bottigheimer
Tineke Thio
Martin Kahn


  1. Though I no longer live in Princeton, growing up there I relied heavily on my bike to get me around the area. Traffic has grown so much in town that I know that it is probably not nearly as safe as it used to be for cyclists. Princeton was always been a bicycle town and I am so happy to hear that there are plans to address the needs of cyclists in a comprehensive manner. Hope the planning board takes positive action.

  2. Where can the entire proposal be viewed? As a local & long distance cyclist, I’m very interested in the plans suggested. Thank you.

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