NJ Circular Company Buys Media Group That Owns Majority Stake in Princeton Packet

Donnelly Distribution, a Pennsauken-based circular distribution company, has announced that it has acquired Broad Street Media.

Broad Street Media owns a majority interest in the Princeton Packet, Philadelphia Weekly, the Northeast Times, South Philly Review and other smaller newspapers.

Donnelly Distribution distributes circulars and a variety of other direct-distribution ads. Richard Donnelly, president of Donnelly Distribution, was previously a minority owner of Broad Street Media. Donnelly purchased the company from former CEO Darwin Oordt and others.

Broad Street Media was formed in 2010, and bought the Philadelphia Weekly and the South Philly Review last year. The company also acquired the rights to the City Paper and then shut it down. This April, the Princeton Packet merged with Broad Street and the newly formed company struggled to make payroll early on, according to employees.

Former Philadelphia Daily News writer Don Russell has been named the editor-in-chief of Broad Street Media. The company has offices in Cherry Hill and Pennsylvania.

The municipality of Princeton has been considering purchasing the main Princeton Packet property on Witherspoon Street for its public works department. Officials toured the facility earlier this summer. The property is owned by publisher James Kilgore.

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