Three Princeton School Members Not Seeking Re-Election: Five Newcomers Will Seek Seats

All three Princeton Public Schools board members whose terms are up at the end of the year will not be seeking re-election. Five newcomers are competing for the three terms that are available on the board. Terms are for three years each.

The candidates are:

William D. Hare
Deborah “Debbie” Bronfeld
Gregory M. Stankiewicz
Ravi Bala
John Alexander Martin

Board members not seeking re-election are School Board President Andrea Spalla, Molly Chrein and Tom Hagedorn.

The deadline to file a petition was Monday. The school board election will take place Tuesday, Nov. 8 as part of the general election.


    1. “Vying” is the present participle of “vie.” A+ on your punctuation, though.

  1. As one of the candidates, it is great that five people are running for three spots. I hope that the campaign will give residents an opportunity to discuss the issues important to our school district. And one of my favorite places to take place in online discussions is PlanetPrinceton.

    One of the issues I find timely is how the housing development in Princeton, with many new residents moving in over the next year or so, will affect our schools. Do we have room for the new kids at the different schools, will we need to hire new teachers, do we have the funds, etc.?

  2. I guess “competing” works, too, if you’re too proud to correct a spelling mistake. Weak sauce, baby. And deleting comments. Censorship much?

  3. Huge thanks to Andrea Spalla, Molly Chrein and Tom Hagedorn for their dutiful, thoughtful (& unpaid) service to our schools and community. A big reason why Princeton is such a desirable place to live in is because of our great schools. As ultimately responsible for the governance of the School District (and the hiring of supervisors and teachers, etc.), they deserve much praise.

    As we know, Princeton Schools get very little funding in State Aid compared to other Districts, so our Board’s ability to balance quality and expense is even more impressive.

  4. Which candidate is going to push Princeton University to pay its fair share. Those are the candidates I want to vote for. Can you highlight which of these candidates will push on that. Currently the University holds 20 spots for graduates of Princeton High School, which is a much higher # of slots than are granted to high school graduates from any other area private school or public school district and frankly reads like a bribe. That for 20 of our kids to go to Princeton U we are willing to look the other way as the University uses our public services, especially our public schools, and does not pay for them, does not pay its fair share of taxes to fund them.
    I want to vote for the candidates who will change this ASAP. The University, which is sending so many folks to our Public Schools, needs to pay as much into our schools as it does in fees on the Wall Street investments on its endowment. That is I want to vote for the candidates who will make sure that Princeton pays its fair share of taxes to fund our Public Schools, whose current overcrowding they are responsible for.

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