New Company Offers Express Bus Service from Kendall Park to New York City

A new company called OurBus is offering weekday express bus trips from Kendall Park to New York City at about half the cost of traditional bus fares.

OurBus offers a one-seat ride from the Kendall Park Roller Skating Rink lot on Route 27 to New York, making one other stop in Franklin Township along the way. The bus makes four stops in the city, arriving at Times Square at 8:15 a.m. and then stopping at Bryant Park, Grand Central and Madison Park.

The one-way fare is $8. A round-trip ticket is $14. A monthly pass is $220.

“Commuters will no longer have to stop at every intersection all the way down Route 27,” said OurBus Co-Founder Manmeet Virdi.  “After Kendall Park, our service gets straight on the Turnpike and heads to New York.  At commuters’ request, we are offering a non-stop ride from Kendall Park to commuter hotspots in New York City.”

The company hopes to expand the routes it offers based on demand. Some Princeton residents drive to Kendall Park to take OurBus to the city, but in the near future there could be an express bus leaving directly from Princeton to New York.

OurBus is a technology platform that allows commuters to create their own demand-based bus routes that pick up near their homes and drop off close to their workplaces. A proprietary algorithm creates routes that stop near commuters’ homes and places of work. The platform then works with charter coach companies to serve their needs.

Virdi, a longtime commuter, was inspired to start the business in order to make life easier for his mother, whose commute has become more difficult and time-consuming over the years.

“OurBus is a point-to-point service.  Taking OurBus saves commuters up to an hour every day, allowing them to spend more time at home with their families,” said OurBus Co-Founder Narinder Singh.

Free parking is available at the Kendall Park Roller Skating Rink Park and Ride on Route 27.  The morning trip departs at 6:55 a.m., with a stop at Green Hill Manor at 7 a.m.  The return trip leaves from the last stop at Times Square at 6 p.m.  Exact departure times and pickup locations can be modified based on customer requests.

Commuters who live outside Kendall Park or who commute to other destinations or commute at other times can create a new route by signing up for OurBus.

“The faster commuters sign up for OurBus, the faster we will begin serving their communities,” said Singh, “we have already seen lots of interest from nearby towns such as North Brunswick, Monroe, and Edison.”

Once commuters create a route, OurBus connects them with charter companies they have vetted. The companies must have Department of Transportation numbers, FMCSA registration, proper insurance and authority to carry passengers.  Buses have Wi-Fi, charging stations, restrooms, and reclining seats.

Commuters can sign up for OurBus and purchase tickets at

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