Robbery Attempt at Mercer County Civil Courthouse

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A man attempted to rob another man at the Mercer County Civil Courthouse on South Broad Street in Trenton on Tuesday, Aug. 30.

Gregory Walker, 28, of Bordentown allegedly tried to rob a man near the probation department payment window on the first floor of the courthouse. Walker allegedly followed the victim into the courthouse, and then repeatedly reached for the victim’s front pants pockets instructing him to “run your pockets.” When the victim attempted get away from Walker, he hit him, causing a cut to his face.

Walker then fled the building and sheriff’s officers caught him across the street from the Mercer County Criminal Courthouse at 400 South Warren Street. According to the sheriff’s department, when they searched Walker they found a thin hypodermic needle and white waxed paper stamped “Dragon” that is commonly used as packaging for heroin.

Walker was charged with robbery, possession of paraphernalia for narcotics, and possession of a hypodermic needle. Walker was lodged at the Trenton Police Department on $75,000 bail.

The victim refused medical treatment.

Krystal Knapp

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