Princeton University Investigating Racist Emails

Two racist email messages were sent to some students and faculty at Princeton University over the weekend, school officials said.

The Princeton University Department of Public Safety is investigating the delivery of the two distinct emails, which were sent to an undetermined number of students and faculty. Other universities have reported similar incidents.

One email, which had the subject line “Vote against no child left white — Vote Trump!” was sent using the name John Albert Willis. The email accused Princeton University professors of being “anti-white” and claimed that the school “teaches white students that they are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support white genocide.”

Public safety officials and technology experts at the school are working to determine who sent the emails, which appear to have been sent from servers outside of the campus.

“The University deplores these revolting messages, which are contrary to our values and our code of conduct,” said Michele Minter, vice provost for institutional equity and inclusion at the school. “We will not allow these hateful actions to undermine our commitment to creating an inclusive and harassment-free community on campus.”

Anyone with knowledge of the distribution of the messages is asked to contact the Department of Public Safety at (609) 258-1000.

School officials are telling students and staff members to exercise care in opening emails and attachments from unknown sources. The school is offering confidential counseling to students and staff members who are undergoing stress due to the incidents.


  1. I suppose under today’s definition mostly anything is racist. But, under a more rigorous one, I don’t see how the quoted language is racist. Indeed, it may accurately reflect the views of some faculty. If one follows academia these days, the statements are not so far fetched.

    Stupid and silly? Cowardly? You bet. But racist?

  2. The university staff actually used the coined term “deplore”.

    It’s interesting to me how the university staff immiediatly made the decision to deem the emails as hateful and racist. How and why would they do this? Therr is nothing racist or hateful about the emails whatsoever.

    In fact, the emails are simply raising awareness on an issue that will be discussed and respected on a world stage and by all univerities. The university in the article should embrace the future and not discriminate so hatefully against a very important subject. This university should be more open minded and senestive on issues regarding the culture and safety of White people.

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