Palmer Square Management: Rumors About Banning Spanish False

chambers-street-garageA post circulating on social media in Princeton today claims that Palmer Square Management allegedly had Chambers Street parking garage employees sign a document promising that they would not speak any Spanish at work, even to Spanish-speaking customers. The post claims that employees were allegedly told video surveillance tapes would be reviewed to determine if Spanish was being spoken, and if it was, there would be consequences.

The claim is false, according to a representative for Palmer Square Management.

“This information is not accurate,” said Anita Fresolone. “There has clearly been a misunderstanding.”

Fresolone said employees should speak to management to clear up the misunderstanding.

It is unclear what triggered the claim. Asked what might have triggered it and what Palmer Square Management’s policy on employees speaking Spanish at the garage is, Fresolone reiterated that the information “is simply not accurate” but did not elaborate on the company’s policy.


  1. “The claim is false. This information is not accurate.”

    Pretty weak denials. Which claim specifically is false? Which information specifically is not accurate?

  2. I’ll assume what Palmer Square Management says is true. So sad to even think that someone spread this malicious, demeaning, xenophobic rumor.

  3. It might be true, if they have cameras, they might want to understand what the employees say. I do not find it wrong, xenophobic, or racist. If the garage is the workplace and they request English to be spoken at all times at the workplace, it is a private company/organization, I think they have the right to do so.

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