Photos: Hundreds March at Princeton University, Call for Protection of Undocumented Students

More than 350 people attended a rally and march on Thursday night to call on Princeton University to offer sanctuary to undocumented students as concerns grow about how immigrants will be treated once the Trump administration takes over the White House.

The demonstration was organized by the Princeton DREAM Team, an immigrants’ rights group on campus. The gathering was one of more than 80 such demonstrations at universities across the country this week.

Students at Princeton gathered for a rally in front of Nassau Hall before marching around the campus and through the Frist Center waiving signs with slogans like “education not deportation” and “no human being is illegal.” A few students waved American flags.  Students also led chants, including “Say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here” and “What do we want? Sanctuary. When do we want it? Now.”

The group called on school officials to proclaim Princeton University a sanctuary campus, to classify undocumented students as domestic students and thus give them financial breaks, and to provide more services for undocumented students.

Organizers called on students to take concrete actions to support undocumented students, including mentoring high school students or working with organizations that help undocumented people.

The group started an online petition calling on the university to protect undocumented students. Several hundred people had signed the petition as of Friday morning.



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Second photo from top by Tina Clement. Other photos by Krystal Knapp.


  1. What undocumented students? Students are given student visas when attending school in the U.S. It’s generally easy to acquire, not like a work visa. Amazing that so many Ivy League students can be so ill informed.

    1. The Ivy League students are the better informed ones here. They are concerned about undocumented students in the US, who may have lived here most of their lives, who are attending Princeton, and may now face deportation by the Trump administration. This is not about foreign students coming here to attend college.

    2. Though the Dreamers got a SSNumber and a Working Permit, they need to renew it and it is an Executive Order that could be revoked; it is kind of having something temporary, so, they do have a document but it is not the same as having a Resident Card and this is precisely why they are scared.

  2. Good for the students. Things will be getting much worse with this incredibly nasty, regressive and far right wing administration which is “ready” to take office.

  3. If people come here illegally, they should be deported. For those that think otherwise, visit or live in a different country. They don’t let people wander in and claim citizenship.

  4. They should be deported. Most countries have a work permit program in place for non-citizens to work there. MAGA

  5. If you get over the “border”, you made it! Game over. “Documents” or not, what difference, at this point, does it make?

    1. So if I get out of the bank, into the getaway car, and off safely to my hideout with the money, should I get to keep it? I made it! The FBI should just forget about catching me. I like the way you think–or would, if I were a law-breaker of any stripe.

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