Hopewell Township Police Launch Community Addiction Recovery Initiative

The Hopewell Township Police Department has launched a new program called Hopewell C.A.R.E., a community addiction recovery effort that will connect people with coaches and other resources.

Since 2015, the Hopewell Township Police Department has responded to eight drug overdose calls in which Narcan had to be deployed to save someone’s life.

Through a partnership with the Recovery Advocates of America and City of Angels organizations, Hopewell Township officers will now provide a safe setting for a person struggling with addiction to meet with a trained recovery coach who will offer guidance and access to treatment to begin the recovery process.

The C.A.R.E. program will be activated when: a person is arrested for the possession of, or being under the influence of, a controlled dangerous substance; when a person who has not been arrested seeks assistance from the police department for a substance abuse disorder; or when an officer suspects that a person may be struggling with a substance abuse disorder.

Other partners supporting this initiative include the Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance and the Hopewell Valley Regional School District.

“Getting immediate help for individuals who may be suffering from a substance use disorder, particularly opioids, is critical,” Hopewell Township Mayor Kevin Kuchinski said. “I believe this program is a sensible step forward for our community.”

Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance Coordinator Heidi Kahme praised the police department for launching the new program.

“Unfortunately over the last several years we found it necessary to have the conversations about pain medication addiction and heroin abuse,” she said. “We are thrilled the Hopewell Township Police department is launching this important program for our community.”