Send Your Women’s March Photos and Stories to Planet Princeton

On Saturday, Jan. 21, Planet Princeton and Planet Trenton will publish community photo galleries of images from the Women’s March in Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia and Trenton. We are encouraging our readers to send us photos. We will post updates throughout the day.

Email your images to editor@planetprinceton .com, text them to (609) 375-8920, or send them to us via Facebook message. You can also tag us on Twitter and Instagram. Please let us know how the photo credits should read. If you want to share an anecdote, feel free to send that along too. Tip: Add our email address and cell no. to your smart phone now so you don’t have to search for them on Saturday.

Wishing all the marchers a warm, dry, safe day.

Krystal Knapp
Founding Editor
Planet Princeton and Planet Trenton


  1. Does anybody know at what time on Friday the Princeton *PUBLIC* library is going to host inauguration events live on the big screen?

  2. Would love to see some photos of our townspeople! Oops. Posted above with another story. Very cool.

    Could do without the crass and vulgar signs. I thought that was one of the beefs against President Trump. (‘Go high; not low.’ M. Obama.)

    Moreover, children were there. Beware – a little hypocrisy can go a long way.

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