Letters: Get outside and take a walk on ‘Land for Life’

By Betsy Sands

During this gloomy winter, now is a great time for you and your family to get outside and enjoy a walk in nature. It is guaranteed to lift your spirits. This past week I was amazed at the calming vistas and variety of winter birds and wildlife at the D&R Greenway Land Trust’s St. Michaels Farm Preserve in Hopewell. It is right off of Carter Road, an easy to park, and a great place to just walk.

The D&R Greenway has preserved thousands of acres of open space, many with miles of easily accessible trails within minutes of your home. It has worked for 28 years in New Jersey to protect forests, meadows, farmland, sensitive ecosystems, and wildlife habitat. We want to make sure everyone knows about these special preserved lands and encourage you to check them out and find out what a walk in open space will do for you.

To make sure we can continue our important work, we have launched “Land for Life” to raise funds to continue on the path to save open space…preserving, protecting, inspiring, and educating. A generous supporter has offered to match gifts toward our $400,000 goal. Every dollar counts. I urge everyone to support Land for Life; you can learn more and find walking trails at www.drgreenway.org.

Importantly, get outside. Breathe deeply, and walk our Land for Life. I will see you out there; I’ll be the one with the muddy shoes and a smile.

Betsy Sands
D&R Greenway Land Trust Trustee


  1. Betsy, thank you for reminding everyone that Nature doesn’t leave the stage at Labor Day. The sparseness of cover in winter brings a whole new realm of sculptural beauty and bird visibility to our preserves. Love that line about “muddy shoes and a smile”. The Abbott Marshlands are rich in the rarest winter ducks right now. Swans fly overhead, and it’s so quiet you can hear the air in their wings. Each preserve offers different gifts. Smiles, Carolyn (Edelmann, Community Relations, D&R Greenway Land Trust.)

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