Wisniewski slams Gov. Christie’s ‘lunch date’ with Trump

State Assemblyman and Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Wisniewski criticized Governor Chris Christie today for meeting President Donald Trump for lunch in Washington, D.C.

“For weeks, Governor Christie has made statement after statement fawning over President Trump in the hopes of landing a lunch date. Instead of groveling for a new job, our governor should be using his close ties to this administration to fight for New Jerseyans by demanding President Trump stop his unconstitutional and racist attacks on immigrants and minorities in this country,” Wisniewski said. “He should be advocating on behalf of the Affordable Care Act so that 400,000-plus of his constituents do not lose their health care coverage and New Jerseyans battling opioid addiction can get the treatment they desperately need.”

Wisniewski criticized Trump’s policies and said is he is governor, he would never be a willing partner to a federal administration that is “hell-bent on imposing unconstitutional policies” that would directly harm the middle class and working families of New Jersey.

On Wednesday immigration resolution AR-210, sponsored by Wisniewski, is slated for a vote. The resolution expresses the General Assembly’s opposition to any action by President Donald Trump to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy and urges Christie to influence the Trump Administration to leave the DACA program intact.

“Governor Christie is more concerned with having a seat at Trump’s lunch table than he is with giving New Jerseyans a fair shot at a better future,” Wisniewski said. “As governor, I will fight to ensure that underserved communities and those who don’t feel they’re truly represented by their elected officials are the ones who finally have a seat at the table where decisions are made.”

Christie and his wife, Mary Pat, lunched with Trump at the White House. Officials told reporters the governor and the president spoke by phone last week, resulting in the lunch invitation. Christie and sources in the Trump administration and say he has not offered a job in the administration. Christie previously said he had been offered a job in the administration, but that his wife did not want to move to Washington and he did not want to sacrifice time with his family.


  1. Wiesnewski should concentrate on cutting taxes, providing jobs instead of his pathetic teenage whining about someone having lunch with the President. We won, stop whining #MAGA

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