Trains delayed for second day in a row because of derailment

NJ Transit and Amtrak are running fewer trains than usual today, a day after a train derailment shut down train service for several hours.

Many commuters faced crowded train terminals and delays of two hours or more on Tuesday morning. Adding to commuters’ headaches, PATH service from Hoboken to New York was suspended and there were delays between Jersey City in New York  Tuesday morning due to track issues. Direct service from New York to Hoboken resumed around noon.

An NJ Transit train derailed around 9 a.m. Monday as it pulled into Penn Station. It was the second derailment in the station in less than two weeks. On the morning of March 24, an Amtrak train derailed in the same area near the tunnel that leads under the Hudson River to New Jersey.

The Federal Railroad Administration is investigating the Monday incident.

Several tracks at Penn Station were still closed on Tuesday morning. The Northeast Corridor is running on a holiday schedule and several NJ Transit trains were canceled Tuesday.

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  1. The 8th Circle of Hell & the 9th Circle of Hell collided to form NJ Transit. It’s a new kind of hell that commuters in this state have to navigate. May all those who want local families be more dependent on NJ Transit, and those who won’t create access & parking for smart cars in the future, experience this 17th Circle of Hell. Yes, it’s an exponential horror… trapped under the earth, sweating shoulder to shoulder in a crush of humanity, not dead but unable to go about living as expected, breathing in what others breathe out in a closed container, unsure if it will ever end and life will begin again. Suffered by the innocent, it’s the most undeserved of all hells.
    We lost some sweet folks to it this week, starting Monday morning. There are police around the PATH stations, 8 rails are out…

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