Photo: Princeton space savers

In Trenton, Baltimore, Boston and other cities, “space savers” are used to reserve parking spaces residents have shoveled out after snow storms. Now they are being used in Princeton to keep parking spaces empty as people move. All day today, three chairs have been blocking a parking space on Spring Street. Two more space behind the chairs was used by a moving truck all day. The meters for the truck parking spaces were bagged with “parking by permit only,” meaning those spaces were paid for so they could be used to move. This is the third time this week we’ve observed chairs or other items being used to save parking spaces in town — no shoveling required.


  1. This is news??? God forbid someone needs room one day for a moving truck. Sheesh.

    1. They are used in Trenton during snow storms. When you spend a back breaking hour shoveling out your car you want to be able to use it when you get back home. Apparently there is a mechanism for saving space through the municipality in Princeton, why not use it. I suppose you could just back over the chairs with your Range Rover.

      1. Per the municipality option, you have to apply in advance and there is not so modest fee that you need to pay.

  2. Equally annoying – folks who put those dopey ‘slow down’ signs on the street in front of their homes. (The little yellow man with the flag.) I get the concern, but we can’t have do-it-yourself traffic signs.

      1. Oh I get it. What I don’t get is that people think they can put traffic signs of their own on public thoroughfares – no matter how benign.

        1. Are you really for children being hit by speeding cars? People don’t often think about the little kids playing near the busy streets. The signs are a good reminder.

          1. No, I am not for children being hit by speeding cars. I am against people putting out their own traffic signs. Not a good idea. If there’s an issue with speeding cars in certain areas, the police and the town know how to handle it responsibly.

            1. So what do you do if the problem has been reported to the police and the police say they don’t have the resources to patrol the street very often? Sit by and wait for kids to be hit? The signs help. This is a true story.

  3. Okay, move them? Town was empty today. Yes it’s annoying and rude but is this seriously a post on a local news site?

  4. Can we have a story that ties together Princeton Charter School, anything racial, and turtles with flags? I want to see the Guinness record for commenting.

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