Photo: Not so smart Smart Cards

If you have an older version of the town’s Smart Card, you can’t use it in the Spring Street Garage in downtown Princeton. You need to go to the garage office during office hours Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to exchange it for a new one.


  1. I have two gathering dust, they weren’t working in late 2015 either! (Haven’t been in the garage since.) It’s also totally inconvenient that you can’t check balance & refill online…or can you now?

  2. I learned this almost a year ago when I tried to enter the spring street garage and couldn’t use the old smartcard with $26 credit on it. As you mentioned I had to visit the office and get a new one and transfer my balance.

  3. Those cards suck. They sucked from the beginning, they suck, they suck, they suck. They are accepted here but not there. The money has been collected by the municipality or whoever but those who paid can’t use them.

  4. The newer parking cards with the town logo work great, so just exchange any old ones. (Not sure how this is news, but I guess summer is here.)

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