Potato the cat missing in Princeton

Potato the orange tabby cat went missing Wednesday night from North Stanworth Drive at the Merwick Stanworth apartments in Princeton. The Princeton University apartment complex is just off Route 206 north of Route 27. Potato is a neutered male. He doesn’t respond to his name, but his owner says he does respond to “kiss, kiss.” If you spot Potato or have other information about his whereabouts, please email alexeys @ princeton.edu.



  1. My heart goes out to these folks whose pets are missing. I’d be a basket case. Potato, come home.

  2. Such a community service to advertise lost companion pets! Nice pub. My thoughts are with you and Mr. Potato…he looks so much like my beloved Pumpkin, who was my Besty for over 16 years…please keep readership posted…thanks…

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