Police: Route 1 boat mystery solved

Police in South Brunswick have uncovered the mystery behind the 37-foot boat that was abandoned on the side of Route 1 on Thursday afternoon.

The boat had recently been sold and was being transported from Mamaroneck, New York to Maryland by a company called Otter Creek Marina and Boat Transportation. The truck that was carrying the boat experienced mechanical problems and the driver, Christopher White of Forrest Hills, Maryland decided to leave the boat on the shoulder of the highway at around 1:30 p.m.

He left the boat on blocks and headed to Maryland to get a new trailer. He never notified police that he had left the boat on the road. It took a towing company five hours to remove the boat from Route 1.

White was issued two summonses — one for failing to notify police about a disabled or abandoned vehicle, and the second for obstructing the passage of vehicles.  There was one minor car crash indirectly caused by the boat. A driver who was looking at the boat was not paying attention to traffic and struck another vehicle.