New grocery store in Plainsboro to be called ‘SuperFresh’ again

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A new 40,000-square-foot grocery store that is scheduled to open in the Plainsboro Plaza this November is bringing back a familiar name — SuperFresh.

The new store, which will be operated by Kevin Kim, is part of the Key Foods Stores Co-Operative. It was originally slated to be called “Food Emporium.” Key Foods bought the SuperFresh brand name from A&P after the company went bankrupt, and executives have decided to use the SuperFresh name in all of the Key Foods New Jersey supermarkets. In January, the Key Food Marketplace in New Brunswick was renamed SuperFresh.

The switch from Food Emporium to SuperFresh has caused some confusion among residents because the previous grocery store at the same location, which closed almost three years ago, was called SuperfFresh. After the SuperFresh closed, Plainsboro residents were left without a local supermarket, and residents say the drive to a grocery store can take up to 30 minutes now during rush hour. Residents have been waiting for a new grocery store to come to town, and even created a Facebook page called “Plainsboro Needs a Supermarket.” They rejoiced when plans were announced for the new Food Emporium. When some residents saw a new sign this week that said “SuperFresh coming soon,” they wondered if the sign meant a different company is coming to town and worried that the project would be delayed.


Plainsboro Administrator Anthony Cancro confirmed yesterday that the operator of the new grocery store is staying the same and that Key Foods decide they were changing the brand name to SuperFresh. A representative from Key Foods could not be reached for comment about the name change. Key Foods operates a dozen SuperFresh groceries in New Jersey and Staten Island.


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  1. Lived nearby from 12-23-08 through mid March of ’15. The old SuperFresh was quite convenient in spite of those ‘high’ prices everyone railed about from time-to-time. All I’d do is keep a keen eye out for specials then stock up. Deli was good there too. Their chicken salad, made from those rotisserie chickens which were left unsold at day’s end, was exquisite; personnel were cheerful too generally speaking. All of that’s not to say we’d hurry back when the new store opens but Plainsboro is definitely in need of a local grocery store/supermarket.

  2. In a video interview, Kevin Kim mentioned opening in November. Given the repeated delays (the originally scheduled opening was September), one wondered if this was overly optimistic.

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