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Prosecutor: Former Pennington School teacher had sex with male student

Alyssia Reddy

Alyssia Reddy, 28, has been charged with institutional sexual assault, corruption of a minor and unlawful contact with a minor for sleeping with a male student when she was his English teacher at Pennington School, prosecutors say.

Reddy allegedly met up with her student at a park in Solebury, Pa. The student, who was 16 at the time, lives in Bucks County. Police said the two had sexual intercourse at the park.

The Solebury Township Police Department received a report in November of an alleged sexual assault that occurred at a park along Route 32 in the spring.

In a letter to parents, Pennington School officials said they were recently made aware of Reddy’s alleged behavior and reported it to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, which turned the matter over to prosecutors in Bucks County. School officials also said in the letter that they are cooperating with law enforcement. They also encouraged anyone who has been a victim of or has become aware of misconduct by a school employee to come forward.

Reddy left her job at the Pennington School to work for the St. Paul’s School for Girls in Maryland. The school fired her after she was arrested. School officials told reporters they had been unaware of the allegations against her.