Racist, anti-Semitic flyers posted on Princeton University campus bulletin boards

Anti-Semitic and racist flyers posted on bulletin boards on the Princeton University campus were discovered on Monday at several locations.

One flyer attacks Princeton resident resident Linda Oppenheim,  co-chair of Not In Our Town, a local non-profit that that works for racial justice in Princeton and hosts educational forums and discussions about race, discrimination, and bias.

“And while your at it Linda, why don’t you tell all your pet negroes about the overwhelming Jewish role in the trans-atlantic slave trade,” reads the flyer. “Also you might want to discuss why Israel is deporting 60,000 black African jews from the Jewish state. Diversity and multi-culturalism is only for America and not the chosen people, Linda?”

Another flyer advertises a fake course called, “Introduction to White Studies: White Guilt and Reparations.”

“It’s time to examine the oppressor society, to study Whites the way they have studied colonized people for decades,” reads the flyer, which lists a sample reading lists that includes titles like “The History of White People Settlers” and  “How Jews Became White Folks.”

This is the second time this year that racist and anti-Semitic flyers have been spotted on campus.