Amtrak track work affects some peak train service to and from NYC

Amtrak track work at Penn Station in New York means schedule adjustments for some peak train service along the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line. Service adjustments were scheduled to begin on Monday, Jan. 8 and are expected to last through May 28.

The work affects five trains per day — two peak trains in the morning and three in the evening.

One Northeast Corridor train will terminate and originate at Newark Penn Station in the morning and evening.The NEC train 3122 7:06 a.m. eastbound departure from New Brunswick will terminate at Newark Penn Station, renumbered as 5822. The 5:43 p.m. NEC train 317 train that usually departs from New York Penn Station will originate at Newark Penn Station at 6:03 p.m., renumbered as train 5869.

One North Jersey Coast Line train will be diverted to Hoboken; and another North Jersey Coast Line evening train will be cancelled. NJCL train 3216, the 6:11 a.m. eastbound Long Branch departure, will depart at 6:23 a.m. and will be diverted to Hoboken renumbered as 2604. NJCL train 3267, the 5:25 p.m. departure from Penn Station in New York, will originate from Hoboken at 5:22 p.m. renumbered as 2609. NJCL train 3441, the 6:51 p.m. departure from Penn Station in New York, has been cancelled.

Other trains and other train lines may have adjustments made to the timetable or station stops, New Jersey Transit officials said. Trains departing prior to or following the affected trains may experience crowded conditions.

“While this impact is far less than what we experienced this past summer, we encourage our Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line customers to do their homework and adjust their commuting plans if needed,” said Executive Director Steven Santoro. “I want to thank our customers in advance as we continue to support Amtrak’s efforts to renew critical infrastructure at Penn Station New York and avoid a repeat of the derailments we saw this past spring.”