American Sew & Vac closes at Princeton Shopping Center

The inside of the Sew & Vac on Tuesday evening. Photo submitted by a reader.

American Sew & Vac, an independent business that has been located in the Princeton Shopping Center for more than 45 years, has closed.

Patrons who went to the store yesterday said the shop is mostly empty. Court papers filed by the landlord, Edens, were taped to the door.

The shop sold sewing machines, embroidery machines, sewing software, quilting machines, sewing notions, parts, accessories, supplies, vacuum cleaners, bags and filters.

On Facebook, the business address was changed in recent days to 129 Route 31 North, Suite 131 in
Pennington. The business is listed as American Sew/Vac Center on Facebook, but the website link on the Facebook page still lists the Harrison Street address.


  1. Exodus continues… What can they open in its place? I wonder. Kindergarten for pets or Zumba class (oh never mind, there is already one), then maybe Birch & Maple juice franchise… stay tuned.

    1. There’s long been interest in getting past — or any — owners of the Shopping Ctr to add senior housing as a second story, but no interest from the owners. This was again mentioned at a political meeting I attended a week or so ago — by a Council member, as I recall — as a possibility. So far it seems a dream. What kind of pressure might be possible? Would Council ever put pressure on a merchant that owns so much important property?

  2. I have heard that the recent beautification of the Princeton shopping Center was partially financed by doubling rents. That can place a lot of pressure on a minimally profitable store. Or, the higher rents can make relocating a better prospect.

  3. I expect that McCaffery’s will be converting the space and integrating it into its new liquor store.

    1. Is this true? that would definitely put the pressure on the other liquor store at the Shopping Center.

      1. McCaffrey’s is trying (perhaps already has?) to buy the license from CoolVines, which recently closed. The liquor store at the shopping center is in a tough spot if that happens.

        1. If the liquor store is in a tough spot as a result, it would be of its own making. McCaffreys’ staff is A+++ to the person. The customer service at Claridge is awful. No one there has any knowledge of wines and spirits. It might as well be the Scotch Tape boutique. If you ask for a receipt, it’s a problem. Overpriced to boot.

  4. Nooooo! So sorry to hear that American Sewing & Vac has left. Princeton shopping gets more cookie-cutter, ho-hum, milk-toast everyday.

  5. If rents were doubled it would have been following lease expiration. It’s not like they told existing tenants that they had to pay two times the rent. Moreover, several existing tenants were behind in their rent. So maybe some changes are being financed by rent paying tenants. As for Sew & Vac – good riddance. Look up “eye sore” in the dictionary and a picture of that store is there. Even worse, masters of the bait and switch.

  6. Shocking! What a great resource. What will we get instead? I still miss Lewisvat Jordans.

  7. Sorry to see them go. Always liked the store and tgeciwbers were always nice and helpful to me

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