Princeton area road closures (Thursday, 10:00 a.m.)

Rosedale Road at the entrance to ETS. Photo by Jon Felsher.

The Dinky Shuttle is not in service and has been replaced by a bus. The Northeast Corridor is running at all stops now.

The roads listed below are closed or partially closed due to downed trees, utility poles and wires. The list is constantly changing, so other roads that are blocked off and secondary roads many not be included. We are doing our best to update the last as we learn of closures. Send closures, event cancellation information, and snow photos to

  • Princeton: Harrison between Clearview/Franklin
    Franklin between Ewing and N. Harrison
    Rosedale Road
    Cherry Hill north of Stuart Road
    Elm from Hodge to 206
    206 Down to one lane at Ewing
  • Traffic lights out at S. Harrison/Prospect
  • Pin Oak Rd. closed in Montgomery
  • Grandview closed between Sourland and Hollow
  • Hollow closed from Hunt to Camp Meeting
  • Orchard Road closed west of Opossum
  • Township Line just east of Willow Rd. is passable but trees on wires
  • East Mountain Rd. closed-workers are out
  • Route 27 South from Trap Rock Industries to the Princeton Border
  • Route 518 is closed in Franklin Township.
  • Old Georgetown Road is closed
  • A portion of Hamilton Street is down to one lane in Franklin Township
  • Canal Road is partial closed near the Griggstown Causeway.
  • Diverty Road
  • Mine Road
  • Marshall’s Corner Woodsville Road between Route 31 and Mine Road
  • Rilleyville Road closed near Mountain church Road outside Hopewell due to a downed tree, and Ridge Road is closed with a live wire in the road.
  • In West Windsor: Edinburg / Galston Washington Rd Cranbury Rd Rabbit Hill with Twp Line Conover 571 at Cranbury Quaker Rd Windsor / Van Wych Clarksville at Mill Clarksville / Penn Lyle Numerous other side roads.
  • Rt 27/Academy
  • Rt 27- Raymond to Promenade
  • Georges/Viking
  • Henderson/Blackhorse
  • Rt 1N/Beekman
  • Rt 1/New
  • Rt 522W/New
  • Oaktree/Deans
  • 53 Haypress
  • 63 Fresh Ponds/Davidson Mills
  • Rt 1/Whispering Woods
  • Rt. Durga Temple to Promenade
  • Rt. 27 Area of Old Rd.
  • Deans Ln – Rt. 1 to Oaktree
  • Rt. 522/ Stouts

Traffic Signals NOT WORKING

  • Rt 130/Deans Rhode Hall
  • Rt 1/New Rd-right turn only
  • Rt 1/Wynwood- right turn only
  • Rt. 1  / New R


  • Rt 27 at Old Road
  • Raymond Road at Rt 27
  • Riva Ave by Ireland Brook
  • New Road
  • Sturgis Road
  • Brook Drive
  • Henderson Road
  • New Road
  • Constable Road
  • Wheeler Road
  • Georges Rd- Viking Way
  • Rt 27- Durga Temple to Promenade
  • Georges Road near Haypress Road
  • Kingston Lane-W
  • Deans Lane Bridge- Multiple
  • 51 Fresh Ponds
  • Princeton Walk Blvd
  • New Rd by Sondek Park
  • 63 Fresh Pond Rd
  • Jared Boulevard
  • 53 Haypress Rd
  • 63 & 67 Fresh Ponds
  • Sandhill Rd / Eastern Drive- tree onto wire
  • Zev Court
  • Fresh Ponds- multiple wires & trees
  • Broadway- multiple wires & trees
  • Springdale Rd /Joline Rd
  • Kingsley Rd
  • 25 Stillwell Rd
Rosedale Road. Photo by York Tsuo.