Making history: At Princeton rally, thousands call for action to end gun violence (photo gallery)

The crowd at the rally in Princeton on Saturday. Photo: Alicia White.

Thousands of people packed Hinds Plaza and neighboring streets in downtown Princeton on Saturday afternoon to demand that elected officials take action to end gun violence.

The gathering, organized by Princeton High School senior Dziyana Zubialevich with the support of several local organizations, was the largest rally ever at Hinds Plaza. Princeton residents say the event was the largest rally in Princeton over the last quarter century or more. Supporters packed the plaza, and Witherspoon Street had to be blocked off because people filled the street from Spring Street to Paul Robeson Place, also gathering on side streets and parking lots, or watching from area buildings and waving posters from windows.

Families and supporters of all ages came out on the sunny Saturday in Princeton to demand gun control legislation as part of the”March for Our Lives” day that took place in cities across the country. But it was young people who took center stage at the event that included music and speeches by students from the region and beyond.

High school and college students urged members of the audience to contact their legislators to voice their support for gun control measures as the crowd chanted “enough is enough” and “vote them out.”

“We the children march today because our lives are at stake.Our leaders have failed us,” Vidhya Dhar, a student at East Brunswick High School, told the crowd. “We need laws that make schools all across America safer. No one is safe until we are all safe.”

Dhar and other speakers said students will no longer be ignored and will come out in the millions to vote.

“I have faith in my fellow students and in America’s youth, that we will not stand for Congress’s complacency,” she said. “If they can not fight the gun lobby, then we will vote them out. Our best weapon for change is our vote.”

The plaza and surrounding streets were full of rally participants. Thousands attended the rally in Princeton on Saturday. Photo: Alicia White.
The crowd at the rally also filled Witherspoon Street and the parking lot across from the library. Photo:@MarkDavies (Twitter).
And the high schoolers should lead them. Photo: Krystal Knapp.
I demand gun control! And I vote! Photo:@MarkDavies (Twitter).
Arm teachers with pencils, not guns. Photo: Damion Edwards.
Live by the gun, die by the gun. Photo:@MarkDavies (Twitter).
#Neveragain. Photo:@MarkDavies (Twitter).
Stronger gun laws. Photo:@MarkDavies (Twitter).
Rise up against the NRA. Photo:@MarkDavies (Twitter).
Kids worth more than guns? I can’t even believe this is a question. Photo: Sofia Manekia.
Student looking down from 2nd floor window of the library. Photo: Sherri Garber.
Remembering the Parkland victims. Photo: Stacey Palant.
Please vote. Photo: Stacey Palant.
Love. Photo: Stacey Palant.
Gang of four. Photo: Stacey Palant.
Violence is not the answer. Photo: Sofia Manekia.
John Witherspoon Middle School students. Photo: Mic Boekelmann
21st century weapons, 18th century laws. Photo: Magie Hinsdale.
Panera on Nassau Street after the rally. Photo: Scott Ross.
The rally was a family affair for many residents of the Princeton area. Photo: Scott Ross.
The view from the Princeton Public Library. Photo: Scott Ross.
Why are we making our children braver than our politicians? Photo: Sarah Branon.
Tom, Anna, Lee Marshall and John John Hasbrouck. Photo: Cecil Marshall.
Liam, a student at Dame High School. Photo: Cecil Marshall.
Emily, Princeton High School Class of 2010. Photo: Cecil Marshall.
The crowd gathered in front of the library. Photo: Sarah Branon. .
Books Not Bullets. Photo: Sarah Branon.
Repeal the Second Amendment. Photo: Sofia Manekia.
Hinds Plaza at capacity. Photo: Sofia Manekia.
Stop the tweets, change the policies. Photo: Sofia Manekia.
Thoughts and prayers are not enough. Photo: Sofia Manekia.
We Call B.S. Photo: Sofia Manekia.
What schools need. Photo: Sofia Manekia.
Protect the sacred. Photo: Sofia Manekia.


Students demand action. Photo: Pam Raney.
March for Our Lives. Photo: Pam Raney.


NRA – Not Rational Adults. Stop the Madness. Photo: Rita Haake.
More students will die if nothing changes. Photo submitted by Emily Borowski.
Valeria Trujillo with her sign “One child is worth more than all the guns on earth. Photo: Rodrigo Trujillo.
Regulate guns like you want to regulate my uterus. Photo: Jocelyn Avery Dorgan.
Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (r) was in the crowd at the rally. Photo: Erika Shor.
Protect kids, not guns. Photo: Eriks Shor.
Fun not guns. Photo: Erika Shor.
People listen to speakers at Hinds Plaza. Photo: Jacquelyn Pillsbury
Enough is enough. Photo: Jacquelyn Pillsbury
Moms demand action. Photo: Jacquelyn Pillsbury
Cooper the dog leads the K-9s against AR-15s. Photo submitted by reader Richard Taylor.
Arms are for hugging. Photo: Reader Bo B.
Keep our schools safe. Photo: Jennifer Simms.
I am a new voter and I will vote you out. Photo: Jimin Kang.
Stop children what’s that sound. Photo: Jimin Kang.
Vote!!! Photo: Jimin Kang.
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28 Responses

  • In a town that worships at the altar of “diversity,” Saturday’s rally was shockingly pale. Black New Jerseyans are five times more likely die in gun violence than whites; perhaps next time the organizers should bus in some non-white protesters. Blacks at an anti-gun rally? Not In Our Town!

      • Not quite the least, but it’s up there. Nevertheless, well-off, well-gated Princetonians preach about the virtues of “diversity” … as long as it’s in someone else’s neighborhood.

            • I agree, Princeton is a golden ghetto, there are plenty of them in NJ. You might be surprised that some of those rich Princetonians are right wingers. I think that the top marginal tax rate should be raised in NJ, the multi millionaires and billionaires need to pay their fair share.

        • There is ZERO tolerance for true diversity…Diversity of ideas! Joey’s posts are proof of how deranged and hateful many of these people are!

      • Do you have documentation for that? There are some whitey white enclaves in Arizona, you know, those gated communities.

    • In case you hadn’t noticed, there were demonstrations all across the country, not just in Princeton.

    • Paulbud said: “Black New Jerseyans are five times more likely die in gun violence than whites;” Mr. Grammar Nazi who jumps on other people for some minor error just made a boo-boo in his sentence. Can you spot it? This is the typical tactic of these right wing trolls. Make an issue of some insignificant typo or someone’s name rather than discuss the real issues. These gun trolls are pathetic, divisive and constantly try to deflect or misdirect from the real topics.

      • You have violated Godwin’s Rule, which states that the first person to bring up Nazi or Hitler automatically loses any argument. Anyway, all you are able to do is employ the ad hominem (look it up) fallacy and use the words “right wing” and “troll.” Have a good day, Joey.

  • We seem to have a surfeit of negativity trolls who will use anything and everything to discredit the marchers and their message. The march was open to anyone and everyone who could get their bodies there. There were no restrictions based on race, ethnicity or religion.

        • Are you that uninformed? This is just another manipulation of the liberal loon Trump Haters. Its pretty pathetic how parents abuse their children with this nonsense.

          Joe why are you afraid to post under your real name?

          • If you don’t like my name, feel free to ignore me. You will NOT bully me into silence. You are NOT the boss of this site, you don’t get to decide who can comment or not. It appears that you want to deny me my first amendment rights based on nomencalture. Not going to happen. I absolutely do loathe Trump and the NRA.

            • Thanks Joey for revealing who and what you really are. Hiding behind the 1st Amendment to deprive others of their rights!…..Priceless.

              Ill bet you have one of those silly “Hate has no home here”…while you boil with hate cursing and yelling at the the TV!!

            • “Nomencalture?” Anyway, there were indeed marches all over the country, the kind of marches we never see to protest the death toll in Democratic-run, gun-controlled cities like St. Louis and Chicago and Washington. One might assume that you believe only white lives matter.

          • The only loons I see are on the right, such as Alex Jones who thinks that every mass shooting is a false flag operation. One sick puppy.

  • You made a typo in the headline! Correct spelling – “Hysterical” not historical.

  • About 100 people shot to death in Chicago thus far this year by handguns, but a total lack of marches and protests. And here I thought black lives matter.

    • Did you watch some of the speakers at the DC rally? There were people from Chicago speaking. There were marches and protests in Chicago as well. Try to keep up with facts and not right wing clap trap.

        • Oh wow, Mr. Grammar Nazi just scored a big point in his own small mind. So you never make mistakes? I guess you are perfect. This is the typical tactic of these gun trolls. I located a grammar error in one of your later posts, see below.

  • The right wing gun lovers should mount their own marches and demonstrations. Let’s see if they get as many participants as the gun control advocates got on Saturday. Shame on the NRA and the NRA stooges in congress and the White House.

    • Most conservatives are too busy working, spending time with their families, volunteering, are first responders, etc to waste time with such nonsense. I would bet 99.9% of these marchers haven’t done one hour of community service in their lives.

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