Pirone Lambros knows how to get things done

Dear Editor:

I am writing to endorse Michelle Pirone Lambros for Princeton Council.  I have known Michelle all her life and know her to be someone who has the ability to execute on her goals and get things done.

When Michelle pursued her master’s degree program, she found the means to put herself through graduate school, and landed a job on Capitol Hill.  She worked her way through school with a full course load and full time job.  Later, she started the first of many of her business ventures through contacts she made while working on political campaigns in California.

In following her husband’s career, she moved to Mexico, where she learned the language and soon was working in a Mexican company running operations and overseeing online services.  In her next move to Florida, Michelle started a retail wine store from the ground up, as well as created a Food and Wine festival, both of which she ran successfully for many years.

Later, when she and her family moved to Kuwait, she started another food festival, the Taste of Q8, and quickly distinguished that festival as the signature festival for the nation of Kuwait.

Michelle gets things done.  I believe her background illustrates her leadership skills and I think these skills and vision are what Princeton needs as we move into a phase of development and change that calls for creative thinking and vision.

I applaud Michelle for running a well organized campaign and encouraging all to be involved in our government at the local level and to voice their concerns.  She has the desire to give back to our historic community and  she has the ability to make a difference.

I endorse Michelle and hope you will join me in voting for her on June 5th.


Ellie Pinelli