Two firefighters hurt battling fire in Western Section of Princeton

Two firefighters were injured early Tuesday as they battled a three-alarm fire on the 100 block of Hodge Road.

One firefighter suffered from respiratory issues and the other cut a finger fighting the blaze.

The $2.5 million home was vacant at the time of the fire and has been for the past two months. The house is currently in foreclosure. The fire destroyed the roof of the home.

Officials have not said what caused the fire.The investigation is still ongoing.



  1. Bravo to these brave people who put life and limb on the line whenever there is a fire or other emergency. I certainly hope that they are supplied good health insurance above and beyond whatever private insurances they may have purchased or supplied through their regular jobs. Of course if we had true universal health care, as do the other wealthy democratic countries, then we would not have tens of millions without health insurance or with garbage high deductible insurance. As an example: a young family in Texas has a child with severe disabilities who needs 24 hour care; they have insurance but still have to pay $15,000 a year out of pocket and the husband, a veteran, only makes $40K a year. They make too much for Medicaid so they are considering divorcing so the wife, who cares for the child, could qualify for Medicaid. How uniquely American. Yes, I am off topic slightly but I hope that a volunteer firefighter who becomes disabled for life would be cared for, for life by the state or the federal government.

  2. Off topic slightly? This is about firefighters risking their lives not a launching pad for your favorite diatribe. Geesh

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