Photos: Residents gather on Palmer Square during Kavanaugh hearing

As Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee today, some members of the Princeton community gathered to voice their support for sexual assault survivors. “Believe women”, “Princeton supports sex assault survivors” and “I believe Dr. Ford” were just some of the posters carried by about three dozen people who joined together on Palmer Square.

On Monday, the YWCA Princeton joined YWCAs across the country and the #MeToo movement for a national walkout in solidarity with Ford and other survivors of sexual assault.


  1. Yet they ignore Keith Ellison who beat his girlfriend. Where were they for Bill Clinton’s victims?

  2. Gee, reading the heading “Residents gather…,” you would think a sizable portion of the town’s residents turned up. How many were there? I think 2 dozen would be too generous. What a joke! How is this even newsworthy? Perhaps not exactly fake news, but can one call this biased reporting (with an overt political agenda)?

    1. Was there a rally in the middle of Princeton? Yes.

      Did it involve Princeton residents? Yes.

      Was the coverage accurate? Yes.

      If you’re getting this outraged about the article, perhaps you should be outraged by the misstatements Kavanaugh has made in his testimony. It’s clear that he lied in his previous appointment hearing about what information he knew or didn’t know.

  3. Just what we don’t need, another far rightwing/libertarian activist liar on the SCOTUS. And Kavanaugh appears to have a vicious, venomous and vengeful personality.

    1. The man is defending himself from false accusations from a liberal left wing liar. A man defends himself and his family. Nothing wrong with being an Alpha male and not a wimpy person for everyone to walk over.

      1. The accusations appear to be true. Kavanaugh’s calendar shows that he went to a party where three of the named people were present. Being an Alpha male is fine. Being a rapist is not.

    2. The man has been on the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for 12 years. His colleagues and those who have appeared before him have given him the highest marks for judicial temperament. I would be concerned if he did not show some displeasure at his latest appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Just days before he had been accused of serial gang rape. If he were passive, the opposition would use that passivity as proof of his guilt. The point is – the Left keeps moving the bar. Fair minded people know that Kavanaugh has been unfairly treated.

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