Lost and missing cats in Princeton: Do you recognize Pudding or Satchmo?

Pudding the cat

Pudding the cat has been missing from a home in downtown Princeton near  Shirley Court and Witherspoon Street since noon on Monday, Oct. 1. He is about 13 to 15 pounds and about 10 years old. He is a diabetic and needs his insulin or else he will get very sick. He responds very well when you say “ding ding time” or “greenies” to him. If you have seen him, email editor@planetprinceton.com.


Satchmo the cat

On Thursday, a cat with the name Satchmo on the tag was found on Winant Road. The cat is very friendly. The cat has a chip, but it contains no current helpful information. The cat has been taken to SAVE. Call SAVE at (844) 774-2318 if you recognize this cat.