White supremacist group set to march in Princeton on Saturday

A white supremacist group called the New Jersey European Heritage Association has posted flyers in town announcing a march to be held this Saturday, January 12, at noon on Palmer Square.

Princeton Police Chief Nick Sutter said he is aware of the march plans. The police department is prepared for the marchers and possible counterprotesters, and has a detailed plan and staffing arrangements in place for the march.

“What we are concerned with from a public safety standpoint is any altercations between the group and counterprotesters. Our highest concern is safety of the public and the protection of everyone’s rights,” Sutter said.

“We are prepared and we have a plan in place. We are working with other partners in law enforcement,” Sutter said. “We want to ensure everyone’s safety, and have everyone’s free speech protected, and want to avoid confrontations. “

Such groups relish confrontations with counterprotesters and sometimes attempt to provoke clashes and violence.

Students at Princeton High School are organizing a counterprotest.

“Confrontations should be avoided,” Sutter said. “If people want to have counter-demonstrations, they should hold their protest demonstrations at a safe distance away from the other group.”

In November, about half a dozen men wearing masks, bandana and sunglasses held an “It’s OK to be white” march on Nassau Street. A Princeton school teacher confronted the marchers.

Members of the same group have plastered racist and anti-Semitic posters and stickers around town and on the Princeton University campus several times over the last few years.

About half a dozen white supremacists matched on Nassau Street in Princeton back in November. The group is returning Saturday.

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  • @Tom
    You should give some benefit of doubt to the author of the article for him being a journalist and has to follow some legal and ethical norms and guidelines. So, when he stated that the same group had posted anti semetic posters in the past, he must have done some research before making that statement. He is not criticizing just because someone is white. It is perfectly ok to celebrate someone’s heritage. However, the problem arises the moment they make racist remarks. This applies to all colors in the spectrum, i.e., white, black, brown, red, yellow etc.,

  • As a retired Rutgers prof (English lit.), I’m grateful for such info, and hope to keep up with such local developments, participating whenever & however I can, at age 90. RQ

  • I am proud of my European Heritage and i am proud of being White…….but I am NOT a Racist……I love and respect people of all color and their cultures. What’s wrong with that???

  • What a dangerous, lazy, and skewed news headline. “White Supremacist Group”? Pretty sure it’s European American Heritage. And there’s no link between them and the so called anti semetic and other things slapped up around town. And no threats of violence of any kind simply saying it’s ok to be white. So is this article saying it is not ok? Because I’m pretty sure the point of tolerance and overcoming racism is that it’s ok to be of any race or color or creed. And unfortunately for you guys spewing Liberal leftist hate headlines you have to include white people and European immigrants in that and allow the same tolerance you do with LGBTQ rights marches, BLM marches, and anyone else peacefully protesting whether you agree or disagree, or condemn all protesting. You can’t PICK AND CHOOSE when it’s ok and when it is not based on your personal views. Again, lazy, uninformed, hate spewing article. Should be pulled but not in Liberal town you’ll probably get an award.

  • To the woman who said that they are just proud of their European heritage…
    I doubt you’re educated on this issue because of the broad statement you made, but hate groups do this in order to turn attention away from themselves. Just because they call themselves European heritage whatever, doesn’t mean they aren’t bigoted trash. Not to mention that Europeans played a role in the culmination of crimes against humanity all over the world. European and American Imperialism still leaves a lasting imprint upon Asia and Africa and have led mass atrocities like the diamond wars, the Rwandan genocide, the annhiliation of the Herero people, and the Cambodian genocide. Not to mention the countless atrocities Europeans have committed against there own people like in Bosnia and the Holocaust. Nazism Will forever be a stain upon Germany and Europe’s history, and this is exactly what they are celebrating. Never forget that the Nazis rose to power democratically from normal people like you and me. This who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Before you make a broad statement that these absolute shitheads are just celebrating their heritage, think about the implications of that statement.

  • I’m just a kid but this got me thinking who tf Gave them the idea that someone gave af cause we don’t

  • Why are they labeled “white supremacist?” Maybe they’re proud of their European heritage and their ancestor’s legal immigration to the United States

  • Can someone explain why the group organizing this feel a need to “secure the future for our white children?” Honest question!

  • To Joey Da Bull:
    I am quite perplexed by your statement, “Whites are the only race not allowed to have white only clubs. Whites are the least racist by far”. Ever heard of Jim Crow!?! Racism is about power— now you tell me, who holds the power in this country?

  • Thank God there are still some people who are proud of being white and who are willing to stand up for the rights of the European American people. If no one steps forward and is not
    willing to fight for the survuval of the white race ……soon it will be gone ……it will turn brown. God forbid this to happen.

    I am 79 yrs. old and a widow…..or I would be there with you all!……so, I will pray and wish you good luck, safety, and success.

  • I’ve reviewed this page and the underlined NJEHA site on this story and haven’t seen any signs that were offensive or condoning violence. Just signs saying that it’s ok to be white. I’m white and I’m proud. If you can have black lives matters, gay pride, and other ethnic, religious, and so forth gatherings, then a white one should be acceptable. And to all the people that don’t like it TOUGH, you don’t own the town. Typical one sided, cherry picking propaganda.

  • We dont even know who they are, but the title labels them white supremacists. Go figure.. and the article referenced a separate group of gentlemen wearing “It’s ok to be white.” How offensive.. whites are the only race not allowed to have any white only clubs. Whites are the least racist by far and we allow laws to be passed that enforce inequality against us. So how about people do wake up and realize it’s all right to be white!

  • As a white Hillsborough resident and a member of the LGBT+ community, I am apllaed by these goose-stepping propagandists festering along the beautiful streets of the historically progressive town of Princeton. I understand law enforcement has a job to do in keeping the peace, but if I have to punch a Nazi, I will.

  • To Richard Hamblen and Anonymous,

    This is not a group that celebrates Irish, Hungarian or their Italian roots with music, food, dance, traditional clothing, poetry, folklore. This group spews hate and covers their faces- that tells you enough.

    This is a group that spews hate in the guise of being patriotic Americans and manipulating the public by sometimes showing up with suits and ties on, or a day spent cleaning up the sour land mountains…. read their entire website. You don’t celebrate your ethnicity or religion by putting down another group.

    Ignoring them is not the answer because they already have a developing platform on the internet. They now take the next step and start organizing rallies and flyers. They try to plant seeds of hate and this is how it begins. Behind their tough and bully like veneers are people who are afraid, ignorant and sometimes so angry they become pathological in their behavior.

    You have to stop them now- by showing up and peacefully counter protesting- so they can see that we are not intimidated and not waiting until they bring 300 of their followers.

  • The “ignore”comments below are especially frightening and most likely come rom people who don’t know or understand history. There are already numerous books and reports that have been written since Trump has been in office indicating that we are heading towards an American version of fascism.
    For an introduction watch Michael Moores very powerful documentary 11/9. As he highlights in the documentary, Germany circa 1930, was one of the most educated, culturally sophisticated countries in the world – the same country that used human flesh for making soap and products, the same country that gassed people in ovens- and first arrested or killed people with disabilities, followed by gays, gypsies and Jews and anyone who helped them. For a more thorough analysis on how a country becomes facistic, see On Tyranny by Tim Snyder: twenty one lessons from the 20th Century.
    The last thing to do, is what most good Germans, Poles, Hungarians, Austrians, etc. did, including many German Jews…ignore, make excuses, pretend its a small problem…which is what fascism or racism of any kind, depends on.

  • These yahoos are looking for publicity and confrontation. It’s best to stay away or to counter protest in another section of the town so as not to feed into their blarney. I visited their web site and it’s clearly a racist group.

  • Naz Marta Zamoyski, go directly to http://www.njeha.com, the website of the group that is marching, and if you still think that what this group stands for is not deplorable, then there is no reasoning with you. I am a white woman whose parents were born in Poland and who emigrated to the U.S. My parents witnessed the Holocaust first hand. My mother lost neighbors and friends. What is happening now in the US is flat out wrong.

  • All of you people who are saying that Planet Princeton is lying should do this: Google the name of the organization that is marching, and then go directly to their website. Their tagline is “One Nation One Race”. If that isn’t enough for you, then look around and see just exactly how hate-filled they are. And if that isn’t enough for you, then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

  • Jane, the link you read is for the Anti-Defamation League. They’re the ones who are fighting anti-Semitism, not the group that’s marching. That group — oh yeah, they’re racists. Their tagline is “One Race One Nation”. Here’s their address: http://www.njeha.com/.

  • Who labeled them as White Supremacists? Look at their website “Who We Are” and “What We Do”.
    Fight Anti-Semitism
    Anti-Semitism in the US

    Anti-Semitism Globally

    Combat Hate & Protect Communities
    Extremism, Terrorism & Bigotry


    Hate Crimes

    Community Security

    Law Enforcement Partnerships

    Confront Discrimination & Secure Justice
    Religious Freedom

    Free Speech

    Race & Racial Justice

    Criminal Justice Reform

    Education Equity

    Voting Rights

    LGBTQ Rights

    Women’s Equity

    Immigrant & Refugee Rights

    Stand Up for Israel
    Israel Advocacy & Education

    Anti-Israel Activity & BDS

    Domestic Israeli Issues

    Promote Respectful Schools & Communities
    Anti-Bias Education

    Bullying & Cyberbullying Prevention

    Interfaith & Intergroup Relations

  • As a white resident of Princeton, I would feel shamefully complicit if I ignored a white-supremacist march in my town rather than protesting it in person. And I don’t believe simply turning my back is enough, given the extent to which deplorables like this are feeling emboldened by the Trump Administration. White privilege is very real, and I intend to use mine to express contempt for these racists.

  • We had a similar white supremacist ( KKK) highly publicized rally in Morristown a few years back. The whole area was on edge and we brought in cops from all over. The rally was a handful of people…not that white supremacists were scared off: there just weren’t that many of them, it turns out. From the Morristown experience, I’d say the Princeton police chief is right. If everybody just ignored the rally, that would do the most good. The rally organizers chose Princeton on purpose, of course. Their intention is to get a big ol’ rise out of us. Ignore them.

  • theres a pokemon go event this weekend starting around 1, so I hope they dont conflict. theres usually litterally hundreds of pokemon players that show up to play in princton for these events every month.

    theyll probably have their faces covered too, but like, because its cold out, and the end is 4 hours long and outdoors.

    dont get them confused. they’re just looking for Totodiles.

  • I think this awful white supremacist ridiculous 6 man group, should be required to not wear face masks in Palmer Square. If they commit violence their heads would be covered. I would ask if the stores and cafes in Palmer Square could close during that rally.

  • I encourage concerned citizens to attend by being silent and turning their backs to the ‘parade’ of racists.

  • In reply to Mme Hortense (below),
    Chief Sutter is doing his job in protecting the constitutional right of people, regardless of their views, to march. His warning (not an order) for people to stay away is a way to prevent a Charlottesville-type incident.

  • I think this is a bunch of individuals looking for social media fame. What other way to bring a quick controversial light to someone or a group, then to March about race relations. They may very well be feeling some type of way about other races and want to protest but to what end? White people know thier white. Other races recongnize that there are white people living among them. And believe it or not there is white privilege..I seen it too many times first hand.with that being said, not all white people take that advantage to use and some even speak out about the unfairness. So yeah, this issue will never be solved unfortunately. At least not through marching with ok to be white signs! People can’t be forced to like someone or something because other people say so. Best action is just to mind your business and keep your hate to yourself.

  • I do not approve of any race supremacy except for the human race. That being said, it does seem as if there is a constant attack on white people If you are white and you disagree with a person of color you are called a racist. I have been called a racist because I watch hockey and not basketball. I asked the person why he thought that made me racist and he said that he believes I don’t watch it because it is mostly black people, which is not true. I asked him why he didn’t like hockey and he said because there isn’t enough of “his people” playing it, which is essentially saying too many white people. He would never be called racist for that but I am just because I like low scoring sports, hockey, soccer, and baseball. Someone dresses up as a historical figure but just because they darken their face to look like this man he is called a racist and demonized. Snoop dog puts powder on his face to look white and makes fun of white people and that is called comedy. There are double standards and with this white privilege myth going around white people are starting to feel guilty for being white. While I do not agree with this groups white supremacy, anti-semitism, or hate of any kind, I can understand frustrations of how white people are portrayed and judged just because of the color of their skin

  • Who said it isn’t ok to be white? If you’re so damn loud and proud about it, show your face. Insecure much?🙄

  • I live in Princeton and I’m a graduate student at the university. I’m confused and disappointed by Chief Sutter’s focus on warning off counter-protestors in favor of protecting the hate speech of a unit of neo-Nazis. How about standing up for the people of Princeton and warning off the terrorist group Chief Sutter?

  • I’m Scandinavian and white af and what they call “European Heritage” is not even just Fascist, but outright Nazi heritage with eugenics, Aryan supremacy and all.

    Not saying they are actual Nazis as they are not killing off unionists, Communists and Socialists or gassing Soviet POWs, Jews or Romas just yet. The Third Reich wasn’t built in one day.

  • As a white European, I’d like to say that I think the NJ European Heritage Association is made up by bunch of dildos. Sad.

  • Then we are of like mind, because I also abhor white supremacy. Today is the first time I have heard of this group. I just believe that people of ALL colors should be treated equally.

  • Trash, straight trash. If I was going to be in NJ that day I’d be there to counter-protest. This has no place here. I don’t see how people can defend this, well yes I do you sit behind a screen and can say whatever you want. I’d like to see go to a urban area and try this crap. SMH

  • Dear Naz, my name is Eileen Smyth and I proudly denounce white supremacy. And before you leap to conclusions, I am of purely European Christian heritage.

    White Supremacy is based on lies and violence. These are absolutely essential components of the ideology, however much its adherents pretend otherwise to the public. Nobody is fooled and the vast majority of all races stand against white supremacy as the morally and intellectually bankrupt psychological crutch it is.

    Those who espouse white supremacy do so to rid themselves of competition in both the workforce and in society that they know they cannot match. Mediocre people would rather deprive society of talents from non-white quarters than to accept the obscurity their own weak abilities actually merit on a level playing field.

    They use deceptive propaganda and slogans to hide the true extent of their fear and loathing, as well as their real intentions for the future of American politics but again, nobody is fooled.

    See you Saturday in Princeton.

  • They are classified by Homeland security as a White Supremacist group because they espouse White Supremacist ideology; not because they are a group of white people.

    They are being demonized because White Supremacists are a vile blight on humanity. To be clear, this is not the demonizing of white people in general. Only those who believe and act on the hateful ideology of White Supremacists.

    When discussing White Supremacists the phrase, “White Supremacist” can not be overused. Compare it to a conversation about dogs, for example. Dogs are dogs, and so in a discussion about dogs the phrase, “dog” can not be overused because referring to dogs suddenly as cats or birds would be inaccurate and confusing.

  • Literally….the website for the “New Jersey European Heritage Association” is all about preserving the “white” race and decrying non-white people. They are self-described white supremisits on thier home page. This ignorance has no place in Princeton…or anywhere.

  • The only thing I see that is white supremacist is your constant overuse of the phrase white supremacist to describe them.

    Let me ask you this: Is there ANY group of white people you would be OK with? Which group? Or are ALL groups of whites white supremacists to you?

    There is nothing wrong with saying “It’s OK to be white”.
    That’s not racist at all. In fact, it embraces diversity.
    White people are also part of the American tapestry of diversity.
    Stop demonizing white people!

  • The Anti-defamation league classifies them as a hate group. https://www.adl.org/resources/backgrounders/new-jersey-european-heritage-association-njeha
    They say things that have more white supremacist/antisemitic dog whistles than an obedience school See:
    “STOP THE INVASION! DEFEND AMERICA! TROOPS TO THE BORDER NOW! Understand jew tactics. After having escalated the war against Whites and over reaching and waking our people up. Now they will revert to poor little jew victims of the hateful goys. Now they will preach love and tolerance while they continue to try and exterminate us.” Dan D’Andrea, GAB.ai, October 2018

  • Notice that the person commenting against this group doesn’t have the courage to identify themselves, but posts as anonymous.

    There is nothing wrong with being white. There is nothing wrong with having European Heritage.

    Only Haters hate white people just because they are white.

  • These are not “white supremacists”. Why are you positioning a European Heritage association as “white supremacists”? Planet Princeton is lying and spreading propaganda because Princeton is full of Democrats who hate whites. Shame on Planet Princeton for inciting confrontations because of their incorrect words.

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