‘It’s OK to be white’ march organizers claim Princeton event was hoax (updated)

One of dozens of flyers posted in Princeton this week.

Organizers of an “It’s OK to be white” march who plastered downtown Princeton with flyers this week and have marched downtown in recent months now say they will not be marching on Saturday. They are now claiming the march was a hoax and that people in Princeton have been “punked.”

The announcement came a few hours after police issued a statement saying any groups holding a rally or protest in Princeton would need a permit. The group did not have a permit. Only two groups have permits to protest Saturday — Princeton High students who will hold a counterprotest on Hinds Plaza, and a group called “Heathens Against Hate” that will protest at Tiger Park on Palmer Square.

Police issued a statement Friday night saying they are still investigating the claim. “Earlier this afternoon the organizers who originally posted the flyer announcing the rally, have now followed up that announcement with another saying their actions were all a hoax. We are still investigating to determine the legitimacy of that claim,” said Prineton Police officials in a written statement. “Our community deserves our best effort in making that determination. So at this time, as our detectives continue to investigate, we will still move ahead with our efforts to provide a safe, secure environment in Palmer Square tomorrow in light of the possibility of there still being a significant number of people on hand. Our preparations have the safety and well being of Princeton residents, businesses and visitors in mind.”

A member of the New Jersey European Association wrote a message on Twitter late Thursday night telling followers to expect an important announcement Friday evening.


The organizer then posted a message late Friday afternoon saying there never was going to be a march. “The NJEHA would like to formally thank the DSA, NIOT Princeton, Jewish supremacist new outlets, and the many other communist snowflakes who are making us a household name,” wrote an organizer. “This exercise demonstrates that the so-called tolerant phony privileged limousine liberals of Princeton have no respect for freedom of speech.”

In November, about half a dozen members of the group marched along Nassau Street and were confronted by a school teacher. Police have been preparing all week for marchers and counterprotesters in Princeton, and numerous local businesses and community organizations decided to close Saturday for safety reasons.

Members of the New Jersey European Heritage Association march in Princeton in November.


  1. Good riddance. What an incredibly stupid and lame hoax/prank. Are they 12 year olds though that would be an insult to 12 year olds. More probably these gutless wonders chickened out when they saw the amount of resistance they might have encountered. For phonies, these losers should look in the mirror.

  2. I sincerely hope the students will still gather together to affirm their commitment to creating a more diverse, inclusive, and just society. They should be encouraged to hold each other up during these trying times, see their strength, and find their voice as advocates for a better future.

  3. I hope the town bills these purebred morons for the needless closures and contingency planning.

  4. I agree with amused and would ask to any lawyers out there: can this group be sued for perpetrating a hoax and scam on a whole town?

  5. It’s funny, because Europe was nothing but at war with itself for centuries, yet now it’s supposed to serve as a uniting factor for whites It’ is okay and normal to be proud of one’s ancestry, but not when the aim is to curtail the rights of others. This country has served as a place for all people to be safe and free and at the same time, since WW2, has facilitated a liberal order in Europe that has prevented war there. This organization thinks their hoax has given it publicity and website traffic, but the vast majority of traffic is likely curious people who were quickly abhorred by the content of the site. Perhaps in this forum, we can communicate alternative ideas to this misguided and manipulated band of white pride advocates, I’m sure they’re reading.

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