Photo of the Day: One-man parking meter protest

One of the most popular signs of the day Saturday on Palmer Square in Princeton was the one that read “Fix the parking meters!” Some of the counterprotesters who came to Palmer Square to spread a message that Princeton won’t tolerate racism and hate clapped, cheered or gave the thumbs up when they read the sign. Many area residents have been unhappy with not just the new parking prices, but also the implementation of the new meters, the equipment failures, and the new parking meter app. The Princeton Council will discuss parking meters Monday at 7 p.m. at a public meeting of the governing body. There will be time for public comment. The meeting will be held in the court room at 400 Witherspoon Street.


  1. It is unacceptable to think that they spent a million dollars on these new meters that really don’t work and they are over charging for the time. I don’t like going downtown anymore.

  2. I wonder how many people are in the “who cares?” camp on this issue. Because, man, I do not care.

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