Mercer County targets parents who are behind in child support payments

The Mercer County Sheriff announced that his officers completed a three-day child support sweep last week, arresting 248 county residents. The sweep was part of a twenty-one county operation that took place across the state.

Officers pursued Mercer County’s most persistent “non-compliant parents” or so-called “child support deadbeats,” targeting 261 men and 27 women. People arrested in the sweep could either make a lump sum payment or set up scheduled payments as a condition of their release.

“In most every instance, those caught in the sweep had dodged every effort to pay their court-ordered child support obligations, Sheriff Jack Kemler said. “Many of those taken into custody were habitual child support evaders.”

For more information on how to file a child support complaint or resolve a child support warrant,contact Detective Stephen Mellick at the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office at 609-989-6798 or text 609-477-3344.

Krystal Knapp

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