Princeton ‘Impeach and Remove Rally’ to be held Tuesday evening

The night before the U.S. House of Representatives votes to impeach President Donald Trump, activists will hold a rally in Princeton as part of the nationwide “Nobody Is Above the Law” event organized by MoveOn.

Protestors will call on the House of Representatives to impeach Trump and demand that the U.S. Senate remove him from office for allegedly attempting to rig the 2020 elections.

“When the president manipulates Congressionally-appropriated funds in order to pressure a foreign power to help his own re-election and then obstructs constitutionally-mandated oversight, public protest to preserve our democracy becomes a patriotic duty,” said Laura Zurfluh of Indivisible Cranbury. “The Constitution is clear: Bribery is an impeachable offence.”

Local co-sponsoring organizations include Indivisible Princeton, Indivisible Monroe, the Princeton Community Democratic Organization, the Princeton University Democrats, the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice, Indivisible Cranbury, Lawrence Citizen Activists, and STAND Central New Jersey,

The Princeton rally will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 17, at 5:30 p.m. on Hinds Plaza. The event will include speeches from activists, as well as local politicians.


  1. Where was the Princeton rally to impeach Obama when he pardoned Eric Holder for selling guns to mexico then issued an executive order to seal the record?

  2. @JosephOwens It’s incredible that anyone can think that a Cabinet agency’s misguided attempt to fight Mexican gangs is equivalent to the President using foreign aid to attack a political rival. The founders of our country thought this very act was reason for impeachment. I don’t understand how anyone who cares about this country can defend a President who publicly called for Russia and China to investigate his rivals.

  3. I was born and raised in Princeton NJ. Then in June 24, 1968 I went into the US Army. A very proud time of my life. Princeton has always been a Democratic town. Growing up there in the 50’s and 60’s I was brain wash to think only Democrats were smart in running this great country. Tht United States OF America. Over the years something happen in the Democratic party. Like now it’s only the POWER and MONEY. JUST ASK Hillary Clinton. And for you Democrats that think Obama is the best President the United States ever had. That is your OPINION. Now Princeton will have a RALLY on Tuesday night saying that President Trump is a bad President. You are basing your feelings against the President on LIES AND HATRED. President Trump is doing what this country has needed for many years. HATE him or love him We needed a strong leader not a KISS ASS. HE has made many mistakes in judgment I will agree to that. What he is doing with Russia and China is business. It’s called playing HARD BALL. NOT CATERING TO THOSES COUNTRY. MOST of you Democrats are big donators and FOLLOWERS. Use your education and your mind to determine what is right or wrong. Stop being a FOLLOWER. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR PRESIDENT.

  4. @anonymous Is Hunter Biden really a “political rival?” Or a misplaced, under qualified individual in a position because of his status among the self proclaimed “governing class”, the class of people that seem themselves only worth of being a politician? Is Hunter Biden running for any office positions against Trump? I don’t believe so. Trump asked for a check into possible corruption. You know similar to the likes of rigging an election, much like Hillary Clinton, the former face of the Democratic party. The one that laundered money to a foreign agent to produce a document, that was leaked and used as an attempt to spy on a candidate and effect a national election? Do you not smell the feces that the Democratic party sells to it’s overly pompous demographic? I guess when your head is located so far up your own rear end you get used to the surroundings.

  5. How come all trumptards can do is talk about Hillary Clinton she’s not even running. They sure don’t like talking about the issues cuz they don’t have a leg to stand on.Trump bows to the military industrial complex that’s going to ruin this country. I guess 800 billions not enough and social programs no longer matter. Or they’re busy taking away food stamps from children

  6. Trump will be impeached on purely political reasons. He will not be removed from office since the Senate will not convict. He will also be elected to a second term due to the inability of Democrats to accept that he won in 2016 and their inability to concentrate on anything else. The greatest economy in 60 years is due becuase of Trump and despite the Democrats. Go and have your protest, you have a right to have one, but don’t be mistaken into believing that it will do anything other than showing others that the whining wil continue.

  7. If Obama was supposedly so impeachable, the GOP would have impeached him in a flash. The GOP did nothing but block, obstruct and hamper Obama’s legislative efforts and judicial appointments, Merrick Garland being a glaring example. Trump is a disaster, he should be impeached and hopefully, the American people will come to their senses and vote this imposter and charlatan out of office posthaste. Trump should not be allowed to make any SCOTUS appointments for the rest of his term, JUST LIKE MITCH MCDONNELL AND THE GOP DID TO OBAMA! I notice that some of the MAGA-nuts are threatening violence if Trump is impeached….true bully boy fascists.

  8. @Anonymous The political rival is Joe Biden. Please don’t pretend that this about Hunter Biden. Trump specifically asked about Joe Biden. That’s why the impeachment is justified. Our founders couldn’t have more clear that impeachment applies here.

  9. It’s frightening that even here in Princeton, the only arguments the Republicans can make are i) he won’t be removed due to the Senate; ii) Democrats need to accept that Trump won in 2016; and iii) ignoring the factual record, including public statements that Trump and Giuliani have made. There doesn’t seem to be any regard for the rule of law, even as one of commenters here risked his life in the service to preserve our system of government. The Grand Old Party has really sunk low and become the cult of Trump.

  10. It’s ironic that MoveOn that was called “censure and move on” and came about trying to stop impeachment of Clinton is not calling FOR impeachment of Trump.
    Clinton admitted to committing perjury and obstructing justice.
    Trump did nothing illegal and nothing that other presidents didn’t do.

    But please carry on with this farce. It will cement Trump’s landslide next year.

  11. @Alex You neglect to mention that Clinton’s perjury occurred when he was testifying to the grand jury of the special prosecutor, while Trump has learned from Clinton and has refused to testify and provide answers under oath. If Trump had nothing to hide, he would be testifying. By refusing to testify, he is obstructing justice as well. Impeachment is well warranted. Especially as the crime here, bribing a foreign power to subvert US elections, was an explicit concern of our founders. It’s much more serious than Clinton’s crime.

  12. I am glad that so many people are recognizing this sham put by democrats. Bureaucrats in Congress are trying to impose their will on all of us, and overturn 2016 elections. The madness will continue in 2020-2024 when Trump get re-elected probably because of this impeachment.
    On the bright side, our economy is doing great, tax cuts are working well, many new jobs were added and unemployment is historically at lowest level in more than 50 years.

    I was voting for democrats for more than 20 years, and I can’t stand this obstruction of the power (by the Congress) anymore…and I am not the only one..

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