Want to run for local or state office in NJ? Don’t miss these deadlines

In order to be on the election ballot, a candidate must file a petition. If you want to run for a municipal, county, state or national office in New Jersey, the deadline to file your petition if you are a Democrat or Republican is March 30 this year. If you are an unaffiliated candidate, you have until primary day on June 2 to file your petition with the county clerk.

In Princeton, the mayor’s post, which is a four-year term, and two three-year terms for the council will be on the ballot in November.

Partisan candidates for municipal office must obtain and file petitions with their municipal clerk. In partisan offices, successful candidates from the Democratic and Republican primary elections advance to the general election ballot in their party columns.

County candidates must obtain and file petitions with the county clerk.

Petitions for school board must be filed with the county clerk by 4 p.m. the last Monday in July.

Candidates for state office must obtain and file petitions with the New Jersey Division of Elections.

For more information about filing to become a candidate for office in New Jersey, visit the state’s Division of Elections website.