Officials: Alexander Road bridge replacement work is on track and on time

Photo of progress on the Alexander bridge projects by Lauren Michler.

Alexander Street between Lawrence Drive in Princeton and Canal Pointe Boulevard in West Windsor will be reopened again on April 20 as scheduled, a local official said on Monday night.

Deanna Stockton, the head engineer for the municipality of Princeton, has fielded several inquiries from residents about whether the bridge work will be completed on time. She checked in with county and state officials this week, and both the state and the county have confirmed that the bridge projects will be completed on time, and the road will be reopened in April after being closed since the fall.

“Things can always pop up, but at this current moment, things are on schedule,” Stockton said.

The state is replacing the bridge over the D&R Canal. The county is coordinating the replacement of the adjacent bridge across the Stony Brook and the replacement of a small culvert near the Metro North restaurant. Residents who have been monitoring the construction have been skeptical about the projects being completed on time after observing recent progress.

Photo of Alexander bridgework progress by Lauren Michler.

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