Third Princeton University staff member tests positive for COVID-19

A third Princeton University staff member has tested positive for the coronavirus, university officials announced Sunday afternoon.

It is unclear whether the staff member is connected to the private party that took place at a home in Princeton on Feb. 29 or not, or possibly to people who attended that party.

Local and university officials have not yet responded to inquiries for information about the residencies of the second and third staffers and whether the third staffer was connected to the Princeton gathering. In other words, the second and third Princetons staffers could be cases we have already reported on in area municipalities, but there is no way to know that without confirmation.

University officials said all three staff members remain in self-isolation, Positive test results for the other two staff members were announced March 13 and 14.

According to the university’s statement, close contacts of the newly diagnosed staff member will be contacted by University Health Services.

A Princeton student who was exhibiting flu-like symptoms was tested for the coronavirus on March 11 at the McCosh Health Center on campus and was immediately placed in isolation. The student continues to remain in isolation at McCosh while awaiting results.

“Due to limitations in testing and other factors, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 likely understates its prevalence in the university community,” reads a university statement. “For that reason, it is especially important for everyone to practice social distancing and follow other public health guidance.”


  1. Why has Princeton University not allowed non-essential staff to work from home yet? This is ludicrous and sends a terrible message about whose lives the University values and whose lives it does not.

  2. Why are you not telling staff to go home to prevent the spread of the highly contagious disease? You would think the town would be pushing for that.

  3. Chris needs to shut it all down. It’s ridiculous that he expects staff to still come in, especially after this 3rd confirmed case.

  4. I am non-essential staff and we are allowed to – and are – working from home, as are many other university employees.

    1. It seems it depends on the department/office. There are non-essential staff in certain departments or offices who told us they had to report to work today.

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