Two more Princeton University staffers test positive for the coronavirus

A total of five Princeton University staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus as of the afternoon of March 18, school officials said.

Eight university staff members have reported to the university health services that they have been tested for the coronavirus. Five have tested positive and are self-isolating. One has tested negative, and tests for two staff members are pending.

Not all of the staff members live in Princeton. “”Though we cannot share further details because of privacy concerns, we can share that they have been working with their home jurisdictions and following public health guidelines,” reads the email.

Three students have been tested for the coronavirus by the school’s health services department. One test has come back negative, and two test results are pending. Both students are self-isolating.

The Daily Princetonian has reported that another student who is no longer on campus has tested positive for the coronavirus. Officials confirmed to the student newspaper that one student did test positive since leaving the campus.

School officials are urging students, faculty, and staff to notify campus health services if they are tested for the coronavirus by any healthcare provider so that officials can conduct contact tracing to determine if there was potential exposure to other members of the campus community in order to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Officials in Hopewell announced on Wednesday that a township family had tested positive for the coronavirus. One of the residents who tested positive is a teacher at Timberlane Middle School. Officials in Hamilton also announced Wednesday that two residents there have tested positive for the coronavirus. Franklin Township was also notified today that a second resident there tested positive.