Riverside Elementary School teacher hospitalized after contracting COVID-19 (updated)

A teacher at Riverside Elementary School in Princeton has been hospitalized because of complications from the coronavirus.

School officials announced in an email on Thursday that a staff member at the school tested positive for the coronavirus. Planet Princeton has confirmed that the staff member is a teacher. The person does not live in Princeton.

“That person is currently in the hospital and is beginning to feel better. Our thoughts are with that member of our school family,” reads a letter from Princeton Superintendent of Schools Steve Cochrane.

The Princeton Department of Health will be reaching out to students, parents and staff members who have had more prolonged contact with the staff member, Cochrane said.

Mercer County has at least 20 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, according to the state. The total number of confirmed cases jumped to 742 Thursday.


  1. As alluded to in second paragraph, the email from PPS read “staff member” not teacher. Do you have additional info re the role of the staff member? In so many ways it doesn’t matter and yet it is enough of a noticeable difference to merit clarification – especially given that so many of us are looking to you for specific local information. So sad this person was hospitalized and so glad he/she is on the mend.

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