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COVID-19 local business spotlight: Jammin’ Crepes

While New Jersey residents stay home and wait for the current pandemic to subside, some restaurant owners are rallying to save their businesses and protect their employees in trying financial times.

Among those are Kim and Amin Rizk and Kathy Klockinbrink, co-owners of Jammin’ Crepes, who were forced to release 90 percent of their employees but continue to come up with new ideas to provide fresh food for the public and create work for their remaining employees.

Soups to go at Jammin’Crepes.

Currently offering their full lineup of savory and sweet crepes for curbside pickup, they have added quarts of soup to their menu. “People can buy a couple of quarts and stash them in the freezer,” said Kim Rizk. Flavors include Tomato Bacon Soup and vegan Mediterranean White Bean & Veggie.

They also are preparing to add home delivery from their popular food truck, starting this Sunday with brunch.

Jammin Crepes will deliver via their food truck starting Sunday.

 “We will have oven-baked pans of savory crepes,” Rizk said, and will deliver within a five-mile radius of their Nassau Street store.

Rizk said that prior to the pandemic the restaurant was scrupulous in keeping their facility clean, but they have since added to their sanitary practices. “We wash hands repeatedly, enforce social distancing, and the staff puts on new gloves for each order,” she said.

They also have created a Go Fund Me account to provide funding for their staff, many of whom have worked for Jammin’ Crepes since the brick-and-mortar restaurant opened in 2014.

Hours for Jammin’ Crepes have changed since the pandemic. They are open at 20 Nassau Street in Princeton Thursday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Takeout orders can be placed by calling 609-924-5387.

This is the first story in a new series about how area independent businesses are coping during the COVID-19 crisis.


  1. Love their optimism, but it sounds pretty bleak. This shutdown needs to end very soon for millions of people to recover their lives.

    1. Unfortunately, the corona virus will not cooperate. It’s an utter disaster on all levels and the cases keep surging, especially here in NJ. Will it trigger a new depression, will the next school year be cancelled, too. The only hope is that they will be able to get a vaccine for this plague in a year or so. Maybe all the social distancing will help to level things off, he said hopefully. Shopping for essentials has become an act of courage, so to speak. Best of luck to everyone in this time of a worldwide disaster.

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