Princeton police officer tests positive for coronavirus

A Princeton police officer has tested positive for COVID-19, officials confirmed on Saturday. Two more police officers are waiting for test results.

The officer began displaying symptoms on Sunday, March 22 and immediately took steps to self-isolate, officials said. The officer is not hospitalized and continues showing mild symptoms of COVID-19, officials said, adding that the officer had limited contact with the public.

Anyone that had direct contact with the officer is being notified by the Princeton Health Department.

The Princeton Police Department has been employing a “continuity of operations plan” over the last several weeks that officials said had isolated exposure to a small group of officers. The group of officers is all being quarantined at this time. Officials did not say how many officers have been quarantined and how that is affecting staffing levels.

Officials said that after receiving information that the officer was not feeling well, all areas of the police department and patrol vehicles were disinfected.