Sakrid Coffee Roasters in Princeton donates coffee and protective equipment to first responders and healthcare workers

Serge and Melanie Picard and Jonathan and Kristen Haley of Sakrid Coffee Roasters wanted to help during the pandemic, so they began their charitable efforts by donating coffee to first responders and local hospitals.

Then they realized that because of their supply chain connections, they could do more.

“About a month and a half ago some suppliers started offering us masks,” said Serge Picard. “We quickly said yes so we would have them for our employees. Then we realized we had access to PPE that could be used by medical professionals,” he said.

Surgical masks, which local doctors have been using to extend the use of the more protective N95 masks, were available. Working with their international contacts, initially, “We were able to donate several thousand,” Picard said. By April 10, that number had increased to 8,000 masks, which were given to the Arts Council of Princeton for distribution to local residents and public health officials in dire need, as well as the Princeton Medical Center, Capital Health in Hopewell, Mercer County Emergency Management, and small local businesses in need of masks for their staffs.

The partners also have gained access to protective full-body suits; some have been delivered locally to see if they can be used by healthcare providers.

Throughout the pandemic, Sakrid Coffee Roasters has been open for contactless takeout only with service through a small window in order to protect staff and customers.

Coffee is a passion for both partners, who own high-end coffee manufacturing plants that are major suppliers in Canada and the U.S. They source their coffee directly from farmers and their products include fair trade and organic beans with a focus on sustainability.

Sakrid Coffee Roasters opened in 2019 on Nassau Street in Princeton. In addition to offering upscale coffee for the area, the partners use the coffee shop as a platform to train students on how to run a business.  

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  1. Bravi for them. Question still remains: Why, in the richest country, should a coffee company have to pay for medical supplies

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