Second resident of Princeton Care Center dies from COVID-19

A second resident of the Princeton Care Center has died as a result of complications from COVID-19, officials confirmed Monday night.

The man was in his 90s. Further information was not released by officials, including the date of the man’s death.

Three more residents of the facility on Bunn Drive have tested positive for COVID-19. Officials said that residents testing positive for COVID-19 and those who are symptomatic are being isolated in a separate wing of the Princeton Care Center, and that staff members are monitoring the vital signs of residents and staff on a daily vasis. Due to the possibility for the asymptomatic spreading of the virus, the health department is working with Princeton Care Center to have all staff members tested for COVID-19. Officials said they are continuing to reinforce the facility’s universal masking policy. Staff at the center with existing exposure to confirmed COVID-19 patients are being quarantined, officials said.

A Princeton woman in her 90s died as a result of complications from COVID-19 on April 2. She was possibly exposed to the virus by a home health aide.

Mathematician John Conway died as a result of complications from COCID-19 on Saturday.

As of Monday evening, 62 residents of Princeton have tested positive for COVID-19, and 35 cases are active. Four residents are hospitalized. Four residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 are healthcare workers.

Princeton Demographics

Men – 33 have tested positive
Women – 29 have tested positive

Age range

11 and under – 3

Ages 12-17 – 1

Ages 18-25 – 7

Ages 26-35 – 5

Ages 36-45 – 7

Ages 46-55 – 13

Ages 56-65 – 8

Ages 66-75 – 6

Ages 76-85 – 7

Age 86 and older – 5

At Princeton University, as of the morning of April 8, three on-campus students had tested positive for COVID-19, 39 off-campus students had tested positive, and 16 employees had tested positive.