Monroe EMTs deliver a baby on the NJ Turnpike with the help of three state troopers based in Cranbury

Three New Jersey State Troopers helped EMTs deliver a baby on the New Jersey Turnpike in Monroe Township on Saturday morning.

Troopers Robert Murray, Pierre Noel, and Marcin Ziobron, of Troop “D” Cranbury Station in Cranbury responded to a medical assist call at Interchange 8A on the turnpike. A woman from Memphis, Tennessee who was nine months pregnant was in active labor. She had been traveling cross-country with her husband.

When the troopers arrived, the woman’s husband, a truck driver, led them to the cab of his tractor, where his wife was on a bunk preparing to give birth. As a trooper entered the cab of the truck, the expectant mother said the baby was coming. Monroe Township EMS members helped deliver a baby girl within minutes of their arrival.

Troopers retrieved towels and blankets from their cars to wrap the baby in prior to taking her to an ambulance for evaluation. They also helped transfer the mom out of the truck onto a stretcher.

Shortly after giving birth, the mother became incoherent and lethargic because she lost a significant amount of blood during the delivery. She and the baby were transported to Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, where they were last listed as stable and doing well.

Col. Patrick Callahan, the state police superintendent, said the baby girl is the Memphis couple’s fifth child.


  1. Curious as to why she was taken all the way up to St. Peter’s in New Brunswick; I can think of at least two hospitals closer to Exit 8A of the Turnpike.

    1. It’s because that’s the hospital with the nearest CPS agents, in case some young doctor decides this couple can’t be trusted with a newborn and four other kids.

    2. @ellen , I also was wondering that, There is a backdoor Turnpike exit at the trooper station in Cranbury, they could have brought her to Princeton Medical Center in about 5 minutes.

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