Lifelong Princeton resident and former fire chief Roz Warren dies at 76

Benjamin “Roz” Warren, a lifelong Princeton resident who served as a member of the local fire department for more than five decades, died on June 7. He was 76.

Kate, Ben, Heather, and granddaughter Mollie of the Warren family mourn the passing of the man who was affectionately known as “Mr. Wonderful”, “Dude”, and the champion of non-sequiturs. He was an esteemed and adored elder member of the Kleban “out-law” club. In addition to serving as the chief of Princeton Fire Department during his 50-plus years of service and being a decades-long member of the NJ Chapter 22 Red Knights Motorcycle Club, he was known for not being a stingy man with his family and his community.

Full of excitement, fear, hopefulness, and love, Kate and Roz set out to make a life together back in 1970. The next 50 years were not all quiet but always filled with love – love for one another and love for the family they created. Roz was the beloved father of Ben and Heather, and everyone who met him gained another dad. Friends and family could feel Roz cheering them on, supporting them during both good and sad life events.

From the time of the birth of his grand-daughter, Mollie, who was the center of his universe, his last 15 years were lovingly devoted to making her every wish come true.

His loved ones say he may be the origin of the expression “smile, people will wonder what you’ve been up to.” His sincere, impish smile danced in his sparkling blue eyes and lingered with anyone lucky enough to see it. And many were lucky, as Roz was a happy man with an acerbic wit.

Join family and friends for a motorcade through Princeton celebrating the life of Roz on July 15 at 10 a.m. The motorcade will begin at the Princeton Battlefield and the service will culminate with his interment at the Princeton Cemetery

In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory can be made to St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a cause that was near to his heart.


  1. God bless him and his service to the community. I hope he has inspired more to continue his work.

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