Meters, parking enforcement to return to Princeton on Wednesday

As pandemic restrictions are easing across the region, officials in Princeton have decided it is time to begin enforcing metered parking and parking rules again starting on Wednesday, June 17.

Officials announced the move at the Princeton Council meeting Monday night.

Councilwoman Eve Niedergang expressed concern about the change being announced just a little over 24 hours before it will be implemented.

But town administrator Marc Dashield said drivers will receive warnings at the start of the return to charging for parking. “It will take time for people to understand. We will have parking meter patrols out there,” Dashield said. “People won’t be getting tickets until people understand that enforcement is coming.”

Dashield did not say what date meter patrols will start issuing tickets.

Mayor Liz Lempert said the town is not trying to hurt merchants, and that merchants requested that the town enforce parking meter restrictions so there is more circulation in town.

Because of the stay-at-home order in New Jersey as a result of the pandemic, parking meter payments were waived in Princeton back in March.