More than 49,000 homes and businesses in Mercer County still without power as of Tuesday night

A large tree on the Westminster Choir College campus in Princeton was uprooted during the tropical storm. Photo: Krystal Knapp.

More than 36,000 PSE&G customers and more than 12,000 JCP&L customers in
Mercer County were without power as of 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, hours after a tropical storm wreaked havoc in the Princeton region and beyond, bringing down trees, wires, and debris.

In Princeton, 44.7 percent of PSE&G’s customers, or 5,429 households and businesses, were still without power Tuesday night. In West Windsor, 5,000 customers were without power. In Lawrence, 3,137 customers were without power. In Trenton, almost 7,000 PSE&G customers still had no power, and in Ewing, 3,300 households and businesses had no power. In Hamilton, one of the largest municipalities in the state, more than 11,000 PSE&G customers were without power Tuesday night. In Hopewell, 888 PSE&G customers were without power, and in Pennington 159 households had no power. A handful of households on Hopewell Borough lost power.

Sixty-seven percent of JCP&L customers in Mercer County were still without power Tuesday night, including 891 customers in Hopewell, 1,297 in West Windsor, 8,802 in East Windsor, 712 in Hightstown, and 647 in Robbinsville.

In Montgomery, 4,568 households and businesses served by PSE&G were without power Tuesday night. In Franklin Township, 1,814 households and businesses were without power.

In Middlesex County, 4,421 PSE&G customers were without power in South Brunwick, 1,342 were without power in Cranbury, and 3,950 customers were without power in Plainsboro.

Some area residents have already had their power restored, while others are being told their power will be back late tonight. Others are being told their estimated power restoration time will be Thursday or Friday. Residents of Central New Jersey living in more rural areas could have to wait several days for their power to be restored.

More than 418,000 PSE&G customers and 624,000 JCP&L customers in New Jersey were without power on Tuesday night. PSE&G issued a statement just before 9:30 p.m. saying that hazardous conditions are continuing and that crews are working as quickly as possible to assess and repair damage from the tropical storm. The statement warned that in many cases, the company is not able to provide an estimated time for power restoration and that estimated times provided could change. Work crews are following modified safety procedures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. PSE&G has asked that customers remain indoors if they see a crew working, and that they remain six feet from crew members if they must approach them.